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10 Things I’ve Found Useful During Covid

The Fanny Pack is back! I use my fanny pack daily to clean/organize my house while I listen to a podcast.  My phone fits in perfectly.  You can go on amazon and get a good one for around $13.00. Here is a picture of one. Some suggested podcast:

-Crime Junkie: If you like Dateline or 20/20 murder mysteries, you will enojoy this.

-Dateline: If you haven’t seen every Dateline, I suggest this podcast. They take episodes and adapt them to podcasts.

-Modern Love: They did an Amazon series based on this podcast with famous stars. If you haven’t seen it, go to Amazon Prime and watch it. It’s really good. They have a podcast where people submit their love stories. The ones during Covid are interesting.

-Planet Money: These are short and to the point. They have some interesting topics.

-New York Daily: The New York Times puts out a daily podcast on various topics. Some of them are very interesting.  Listen to the one about the New York hospital during Covid.

-If you haven’t already listened to (Doctor Death, Dirty John, S Town)

3.Easy recipes: Breakfast: Put a piece of toast in the toaster. Boil water. When the water starts boiling, put two eggs in it and set your timer for five minutes. After five minutes, take out the egg and peel it. Cut up the toast and mix it with the egg. Add salt and pepper. Side note: My kids think that the egg cooker is a game changer. You can get them on amazon for around 15.00. My girls use it every day.

4. Grandparents can read to grandkids! This idea is courtesy of Lindsey Havel. My mother Zoomed with my kids and read them Shell Silverstein”s, Where the Sidewalk Ends. My six year old is starting to read books. My mother in law ordered a set of the Magic School Bus books for herself and for Charlotte. They zoom every few days and they take turns reading the books.

My question for you is this: What have you learned during Covid?

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