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A Very Peculiar Place

If you are looking for a good movie to watch, I definitely recommend watching Waking Ned Divine. It is a funny comedy that is filled with different twists and turns. You can rent it for a few dollars on Amazon.com. If you are an Amazon Prime member (I am) you get to watch it for free on Amazon instant video. Hint: You can split Amazon Prime between three people (under the same membership) but use different addresses and emails. My bother-in-law, my mother-in-law, and I have been splitting the membership for a few years.

Storyline of Waking Ned Divine-1998 (from Imdb.com)

The lucky winner of the national lottery is Ned Devine, so taken by his good fortune that he now can’t be waked, because he died from the shock of it! News of the win spread quickly in the scenic little Irish village of Tully More, but not the secret news of Ned’s demise. With lottery officials closing in to confirm the prize claimed by the deceased Devine, Ned’s closest friends scheme to keep the prize money close to home, in memory of Ned of course! But as the plot twists humorously, they learn it is hard is to keep such a secret in a small town.

In 2002, I was pregnant with my son William and watched this movie. I thought it was set in one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen so told my husband (Will’s dad) that we had to visit that place. The movie is set in Ireland but upon further investigation, I found out that the movie was filmed in a place called the Isle of Man. I had never heard of the Isle of Man. My ex husband told me that it is an island in the middle of the northern Irish Sea almost equidistant from England, Ireland, and Scotland.

I was very intrigued so I did more research and found out where Waking Ned Devine was filmed. We decided to plan a visit to the Isle of Man on our next visit to England(my ex husband is British). When the trip to Englandhappened, we took a ferry to the Isle of Man. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this island was. Everywhere you see the symbol of the island, a three legged figure. It is actually a very bizarre symbol. Apparently there is a major motorcycle race that takes place on the island every year.

Here is a little extra information about the Isle of Man (from Wikipedia…I know, the best and most reliable source out there)

  1. It is 52 kilometres (32 mi) long and, at its widest point, 22 kilometers (14 mi) wide. It has an area of around 572 square kilometers (221 sq mi)

  2. It is a self-governing possession of the Crown in right of the Isle of Mann, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor, but its foreign relations and defense are the responsibility of the British Government.

  3. The Isle of Man was home to 81,048 people, of whom 26,218 resided in the island’s capital city, Douglas

  4. Citizenship in the Isle of Man is governed by British law.

  5. Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism form key sectors of the economy.

It was interesting to find out the Waking Ned Devine was filmed in the Isle of Man for tax reasons. Brad and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon and I will have to agree that the scenery of the Isle of Man and Ireland are very similar. When we arrived in the capital city of Douglas, we set off to find the village of Tully More. When we arrived at the mock village of Tully More, it was very interesting to see that “the village” was really a few little cottages that are not lived in. We saw a rooster walking around “Ned’s house.” Walking around the little fake village took probably twenty minutes. They even have the telephone booth from the movie. Paige was three years old and had fun running in near the sea.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Isle of Man, it is definitely a spectacular place to see. I would only spend a night or two there because it is a very small island and there (at least back in 2002) wasn’t a lot to do. I would probably describe it as a “very peculiar place.”


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