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Are You Guilty of Some of These Facebook Feaux Pauxs?

Today’s post was inspired by two things. First an article entitled 6 Facebook Statuses that Need to Stop Now. The article is hilarious and so Christa and I asked a bunch of our friends and family what things they would add to the list.

Disclaimer: we in fact are guilty of many of these things, some we don’t agree with, but were told to us so we will list them.

I will start with the first 6 items in the article.

2. The shocker– sharing something very personal to the world. Remember the guy who wrote he just killed someone on Facebook?

3. The private message– I think we are all guilty of this- posting a status that is meant for someone but you are too cowardly to say who it is. Once Christa interviewed for a job and one of the people on the committee posted right after the interview “Karma’s a bitch, especially if you are one”. Christa knew this passive aggressive post was meant for her to let her know that she didn’t get the position. 

5. The minute to minute update– some people are worse than others. If you post everyyhing you are doing all day, how do you have time to do anything else?

6. Overly hash tagging– I’m guilty of hash-tagging every now and then, but truth be told I don’t understand hash tagging!

Now here are additional ones people told us: like I said, we are guilty of many of theses things!

7. Bad language.

8. Pictures of food.

9. Joint accounts.

10. People trying to sell you things.

11. Self-promotion (we do this everyday by sharing our blog!!!)

12. Too many negative or poor me posts.

14. Overly political people- left and right.

15. People who hijack your status and start fighting with others who have commented.

16. Constantly complaining about your “boo” and then wanting us to be excited when he does one nice thing after a million years- sorry, your posts have convinced us you are married/ dating a jerk.

17. Over sharing- sorry, some things are tmi.

19. People who tag you in an unflattering picture. Yes, we know you look great, but you don’t have to bring us down.

20. Selfies.

21. People who air their families dirty laundry on FB.

22. People who write negative things about co-workers or bosses, come on now, someone will rat you out!

My question for you, what would you add to the list?


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