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Are you ready to ROOMBA?

This is the question I texted my husband a few days ago. He thought I was getting frisky with him and got a little excited about me flirting with him. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, I was referring to my newest purchase. A Roomba is a robot vacuum that vacuums your house on its own. I have been hearing about them for years but never really considered buying one.

I knew people who bought one when they first came out and they thought they were just “ok”. I never buy the “new gadget” when it comes out because I want the price to go down and want the “kinks” to be worked out.

Fast forward to me needing to buy a new vacuum. I’m super cheap when it comes to vacuums so I will spend $100 on one and hope it last as long as possible. Unfortunately this is about 6 months. My cleaning lady was coming on Tuesday and I could not leave her yet another time with our cheap $40.00 dirt duster.

I asked people on facebook about vacuums (specifically Roombas) and I mostly received VERY positive feedback. I also got LOTS of people saying they LOVE their Dyson. In fact, Christa has a Dyson and LOVES it. The problem is that Dysonscost about $500.00 and I KNEW Dave (rightly so) would never agree to both a Dyson and a Roomba.

When I told Dave I was going to buy a vacuum, he told me to buy a Dyson. I have no idea why he even cared because I can’t remember the last time he has vacuumed (haha), but he does lots of other chores. I decided to compromise and buy a nice $120.00 Hoover at Kroger. Surely this would work. I then went to Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon and bought the Roomba 650. With my discount I think I paid around $320.00. The newest ones 880 cost a whopping $650.00!!!

I did some research on the differences and feel that Roombas are like iPhones- every model gets a little better, but sometimes not enough to justify a $300 difference.

Here is my review so far of the Roomba!

We love it! Dave, the kids and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread. You plug it in to charge. When you want it to vacuum you just push the start button. (you can pay extra and buy a remote so you don’t even have to get off your couch, but come on, how lazy is that!). I know I sound oxymoronic.

There is a docking button that when pressed will cause Roomba to find its way home. There is a function that allows you to program times you want it to start and stop. You can set up zones so that it won’t leave a certain area (so far I just let it go where it wants to go).

I thought the dog or baby would chase it or crawl on it. So far the only person I have to say “stay away from the Roomba“ is Sophia. The girls did have fun naming ours “Tin Tin”.

I love that it can vacuum under my bed and that it leaves nice vacuum lines on the carpet. I love that it changes its settings based on tile, carpet, or hardwood. I love that it will help me keep clean my white kitchen tile (the color was chosen before we bought our house).

In conclusion, please don’t think I am a lazy, spoiled brat. I actually do spend numerous hours cleaning after 3 small children, a husband, and dog. However, I feel that people spend money on lots of things they never use. Think about all the times you have spent way too much going out to eat. Instead, for less than one dollar a day (for the first year), you can have clean floors 24/7. This is especially helpful if you have small children and furry pets.

On a side note, Dave told me the same company that sells the Roomba sells mops called the “Scooba”. At a whopping $600, I am going to wait on this one!!!!!

Sooooo, are you ready to ROOMBA!!!!!

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