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Best Exercise for Your Buck (time, energy, money)

Let’s face it. We are approximately two weeks away from New Years and New Years Resolutions. As we try and squeeze ourselves into our favorite jeans that fit perfectly weeks ago, we vow to hit  it hard at the gym and lose the extra pounds that seem to have come out of nowhere once the New Year arrives. 

I challenge you to not eat that extra sweet and if you are going to partake in that extra beverage, make sure it is not a 700 calorie margarita, but instead a 120 glass of Chardonnay.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. This is what I know:

– I love being skinny!!!!

– I have to work my butt off to be skinny!

– I have clothes in my closet that range from a size 2 to a size 10.  I’m currently about an 8.

– I did so well when Christa and I were running 3-5 miles a day for a few weeks. Clothes started fitting but then I got busy and attended a million and one holiday celebrations, stopped working out for three weeks and now I have 10 lbs to shed.

I challenge any and everyone of you who are in my boat to commit with me to exercise every day until New Years. Even if you plan on indulging, you will be happy January 1st that you ate one less cookie and walked a few extra feet.

Now to a few tips on how to lose weight fast:

1. Cut out coke- even diet coke, but mostly the real deal that taste so good!

2. Limit fast food and mayonnaise.

3. Cut out sweets, Debbie snacks, all the stuff that tastes so good! We all want to eat that junk, but nothing taste as good as skinny. 


Here is the deal. I am like most Americans-I do not enjoy exercising, yet I have made myself do it since I was in middle school. I have hired personal trainers, joined gyms, taken diet pills, etc. You name it, I have have done it. 

This is what I have learned- intervals. You want to get your heart beat up for as long as possible and then take a slower pace. When I trained for the marathon, my Houston Adventure Racing Coach said that you were better running fast, slowing down, running fast, etc.

So now is my secret (or not). If you have extra money to invest in a piece of exercise equipment….drum roll…the best piece is the ultra boring TREADMILL!

Yep, you heard me right. I have always  loathed the boring treadmill. Dave and I bought one when we were first married. It sat as a laundry hanger and then we gave it away for free.

Our next “work out bug came” and we decided if we could buy a treadmill that folded under our bed, we would use it..not! It sucked and we did not use it. By this time we were “over treadmills”. 

Dave decided he was into elepticals (mind you this entire time we had a family YMCA gym membership).  I was on board because I was bored with treadmills and loved the y’s expensive elepticals. You burned more calories faster. Even though Dave spent $1000 on a good elypyical, I hated it and used it once. 

Fast forward to Christa and I having babies and the best personal trainer (Deborah). She is awesome and taught us so much.

So this is my two cents if you want to commit to healthiness, happiness, and are able to save money for this important aspect of your life. It is an investment.

If you were to ask me and other doctors the best machine for your buck, I would finally agree with my tail tucked in that it is the treadmill…but a good one.

The key is interval training. I had every intention to work out today, but things came up. Instead, I came home and did three 10 minute intervals on my treadmill to burn 300 quick calories. Choose a machine that has buttons that you can go to a speed fast. At the older y’s it take forever to get to a fast speed.

Christa and I love running. When we can’t here is a great interval workout. 10-20 minutes high intensity on the elypyical, next 10-20 minutes on the stairs. Try and skip steps. Finally 10-20 minute intervals on the treadmill.

We can do this!!! Who is with me:)

Here is a picture of our current treadmill. It is awesome!!! The cost was $579.00 which seems like a lot, but when you have small kids  and have to sneak a quick work out in, it is invaluable!

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