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Best Iphone Apps Your Aren’t Using!

Today’s blog was inspired by the release of the new Apple IPhone 6.

First, I want to put this out there (I posted it on facebook). What is wrong with people who spend 3 weeks camping out in front of Apple Stores to buy a phone that everyone was able to purchase the same day? Seriously, if you have nothing better going on in your life you need to go volunteer and do other more important activities.

Ok, rant over. Apparently the new operating system (iOS 8) has lots of cool features. I tried reading through all the “tech logo” but only came away with a few key points. It is supposed to be better and you are now able to use your IPhone at the checkout counter at stores like Walgreens, Subway, McDonalds to pay for your goods. Your credit cards are stored and you just have to verify using a fingerprint. I started thinking about our recent ooVoo app find (free app that allows multiple people to facetime at the same time) and decided there were probably lots of other “cool apps” that we don’t know about. I am going to spotlight a few from my research, ones that I have used, and from an article titled 15 Best IPhone Apps You’re Not Using.

SnapGuide (Free)

I LOVE this app!!! You download it for free and it gives you tutorials on anything and everything you can think of. I like that the recipes go step by step with both pictures and text. Download it!!! I feel like it is better than pinterest because it gives you step by step tutorials (and beautiful pictures) at your fingertips.

Jelly (Free)

This app allows you to take a picture of something and ask people a question. Instead of going to yahoo or google questions, this provides a forum for people to answer questions about topics in which they are knowledgeable. You can take a picture of a flower and ask someone what it is. You can take a picture of a math problem and ask how to solve it.

Along the Way ($2.99)

I used this app when it was free. Apparently they are now charging, but I feel like the minimal charge is worth it. If you are taking a road trip you type in your starting and ending point. All along the route it will tell you cool places to stop (eat, museums, shopping, weird exhibits, etc.).

Cozi (free)

This app is a wonderful family organization tool. It allows everyone in the family to know about events (you set reminders), you can add to the grocery list, etc. Download it and see how awesome it is!

Go Cards (Hallmark)

I’m not sure if I paid a couple of dollars or not for this app.  This app allows you to send thank you cards (or any card)  with pictures and a nice message inside.  I believe it is around $3.00 a card, but the convenience of uploading a cute picture of your kids with a present and having the company print the card and send it to the person’s house is priceless. We have used this app a lot!

Do you have any apps that you love?  We would love for you to share!!!!


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