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I got the following message from my friend Melissa

Hey mommas…saw a cute idea on a mom club blog I’m on today: Busy Bag Swap Party. Basically everyone would create a “busy bag”, “ready to make craft in a bag”, or “learning activity in a bag” , and then would make enough of the same “busy bag” for all play date attendees. Then we could all swap and we’d each have a bunch of ready to go crafts/car/quiet – time activities for our little ones. I could host the play date/lunch at my house on a Friday or Monday. There are so many cute ideas on pinterest. I’ve always wanted to make those colored popsicle sticks with the velcro on each end to build shapes. Whatch’all think?

I thought it was a great idea!  I immediately went on Pintrest and typed in “busy bag.”  Several cute options came up.

A group of moms met at a local Mexican restaurant that has a great sandbox (for the kids) where we exchanged our busy bags.  We had a variety of activities that would be fun for ages (around 8 months) to probably around 7 years old (maybe even older).  I did the traditional pasta and fruit loop necklace.  Corrin did a kit with feathers and construction paper where kids could make Indian hats for Thanksgiving.  Other busy bags included felt with matching shapes/fish; popsicle sticks with Velcro on it where you make shapes; Christmas ornament kits; and a Peek a Boo Ghost Craft. 

These are great to have on hand for the car, restaurants, soccer fields, etc.  Charlotte had a blast at home playing with the different things.  They kept her busy for a long time:))))

What if you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have a kid this age to make a busy bag for but they look really fun.”  Why don’t you make some and drop them off at your Church’s daycare or local elementary school?   Teachers and others would love to have some of these type of things lying around.

There are several great websites for busy bag ideas: Here are a few

Busy Bag

Busy Bag 2

My question is this?  Who is ready to start making some busy bags?


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