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Cooking Competition During Quarantine

The Challenge: You must cook for all 17 people of the three families for $30.00 total. You can use whatever ingredients we already have and can get creative.

The winning team will each get $15.00 cash

We organized the competition into three teams and three nights. We would eat dinner at each family’s house on one of the nights.

Monday: Team 1 Abbey (17) Will (17) Sophia (10) and Finley (6) Budget: spent $27.00 (this is $1.59 a meal) Meal: Salad Lemon Pepper Chicken Pasta with Garlic Bread Buttercream Rainbow Cake

Team worked very well together and the food was really good.

Tuesday: Team 2 Allison (19) Madeline (10) Charlotte Budget: Spent $37.00 which is $2.17 a person Meal: Bruschetta Homemade pasta with tomatoes Oreo Balls

Team two worked hard. They learned a few lessons. They felt that it was too hard to make fresh pasta for 17 people. Also, they spent half of their budget on fresh tomatoes. They admitted that they didn’t even think about using crushed tomatoes. They weren’t able to put in any meat because of the budget.

Wednesday: Team 3 (Winners) Paige (21) Bentley (11) Isabella (11) Budget: $35.00 which is $2.05 Meal: Chips and Salsa Cuban chicken with rice and black beans Fried Plantains Bread Pudding

This team did extra and decorated based on their theme.

Winning team: The winning team was Team #3. Although the other two teams did a great job, we voted team three as the winners. All other teams got constellation prizes.

The teams all admitted that they learned a lot about cooking for a large group. They would have done a few things different when it came to shopping. Overall, the kids all had a great time and really impressed us!

My question for you:  Who is ready to do a cooking competition with your kids or friends?

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