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Don’t reinvent the WHEEL!!!!


Corrin and I love blogging because it gives us a sense of purpose now that we are stay at home moms. We want our blog to be a little bit of everything and you never know what the next day’s topic is going to be.

Corrin and I taught for several years and we were always looking for good ideas to incorporate in our classrooms. One thing you may find very weird (we did) was that many teachers do not like to share things/ good ideas. It never made any sense to us. Why reinvent the wheel every year? Why not take everyone’s best practices/good ideas and put them together? You don’t go into teaching for the money so why not let the kids benefit from the great ideas of stellar teachers? Maybe there are some teachers out there where this is not the case but for our experience, we were reinventing the wheel every year on our own.

Blogging is a lot like teaching. There are LOTS of fantastic blogs out there. When I read other blogs, I think to myself “This blog is so neat; I wish our blog was this good.” My friend Veronique shared a post from a blog that she found.  My friend Veronique is from Canada and is obsessed with traveling.  She and her family are constantly on a cool adventure.  I went to the site to check it out and thought “this is really cool!” I want to share this blog with others. The topic is 100 Date Night Ideas under $30.00. I feel like lots of people (myself included) struggle to find fun things to do on date nights. I checked it out and was VERY impressed at the different suggestions. They were not all my cup of tea but there were several that I thought were fantastic. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I am going to share this blog post that my friend Veronique was so kind to share! We are so thankful for all of our friends who have done guest blogs for us!!!!!!

The Blog: How Does She

About the contributors: (from their website)

HowDoesShe.com is a site created by women, inspired by women, and dedicated to empowering and embracing motherhood and womanhood. As the site’s founders, we have often marveled at the amazing talents and abilities of women around us, asking, “How does she…?” From balancing children, budgets, jobs, a healthy lifestyle, and implementing creative ideas, we are astounded by what it means to be a woman.

After perusing the site, I was very impressed. They even have a tab where they keep there most popular post. I clicked on the tab and found a very cool post called “The Top Ten Dollar Store buys….and what not to try”

I was hooked. I LOVE the dollar store and am there on a weekly basis. I found the blog to right on in their product choices to choose and to stay away from.

Back to the date night blog

Directly from the How Does She blog:

Are you an adventurous couple? Why not try #16 – Act like a tourist in your own city, and discover the interesting places a tourist would normally go to see. Or #64 – Drop a pin in a local map and drive there (within a few miles from your home.)

Are you an artistic couple? Try #62 – Check out an art exhibition by a local artist. Or #37 – Paint a portrait of each other on Dollar Store canvases. (Actually that one might be more fun the LESS artistic you are – ha ha.)

Are you a romantic couple? Try #19 – Build a fort and have a make-out session inside. Or #13 – Google how to give a massage and practice on each other.

Are you foodies? Try #2 – Try a new recipe together. Or #87 – Try out a new food truck. Order the most unique item on the menu.

Some of my personal favorites are:

#85 – Go to the local library and pick out a book, CD, or movie that describes your partner. See what the other chose and watch/read/listen together.

#93 – Create your own bubble bath in a kiddie pool and enjoy your make-shift hot tub!

#14 – Rent a foreign movie without subtitles and try to guess what’s going on

#31 – Set up a lemonade stand in the summer, or a Hot Chocolate stand in the winter – donate the money to a shelter.

I love the one about painiting a portrait of each other from Dollar Store canvases. I think that would be so fun and hilarious!!!! Go to the website and print out the printables (they are free to use for yourself…just don’t sell them.) I will probably just choose the ones that we would actually do and put them in a jar.

As far as the How Does She Blog, I highly recommend that you check it out. It is a great wealth of cool information!!!

Our question for you is this: Who is ready to do be a guest blogger or send us blog ideas?????

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