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Family Date Night

This blog post is inspired by the bleak weather conditions predicted for this weekend. What do you do when it is pouring rain, your kids are bored, and you are out of ideas? You feel guilty about letting the little ones watch that third Disney movie in a row and allowing the older kids to have their faces planted on their phones and other technological devices. We have come up with a list of ideas (some more unique than others) that we have tried ourselves or have seen friends implement with their family.

Indoor Camping:

My friend Jilla’s husband did this with their two small boys and they had a blast. You set up a tent in your living room with blankets, pillows, and other camping gear. For dinner you serve camp food such as hot dogs, smores, popcorn, etc. You can set up the tent in front of the tv and have the kids watch a movie.

Food Bar:

Set up some kind of food bar theme. We like to buy pita bread and lots of pizza fixings (pepperoni, onion, sauce, cheese, pineapple, chicken, etc). Other ideas include taco bar, frito pie bar, pasta bar, ice cream bar, etc.

Fancy at Home Dinner:

Christa’s family did this a couple of years ago when it was raining on a Saturday. Her family planned a nice meal (every kid contributed to the menu). They set up their table with their best dishes/glasses and even lit candles. Everyone in the family dressed up for dinner. After the kids made up skits.

Picture Scavenger Hunt:

Give your kids a list of items and a camera (this will probably be someone’s phone). The kids have to go around the house finding these items and taking pictures.

Craft Wars:

Christa has the best craft room ever so she has an edge on the activity. My kids love crafts, heck Dave and I love crafts. Give your kids specific craft items and have them be creative to make something. Christa and I saved our millions of formula tubs and one of the craft wars was having the kids decorate the tub.

Kid’s Video:

Christa’s older children love coming up with scripts and creating short films. They usually use my little ones as the “starts of the show”.

Frugal Fashion:

Give the kids newspapers or toilet paper and have them come up with outfits!

Funky Family Night:

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Every family member is given a small amount of money. You go to your closest Goodwill, flea market, thrift store and try and find the most outrageous outfit.


We would love for you to comment on any ideas you have to entertain your families on rainy days or weekends!!!!


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