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First Time Mommy Blunders

I waited until I was 30 to have my first child, Isabella. Dave and I were so excited and couldn’t believe that the dollar store pregnancy test said positive. I was cheap and didn’t want to spend a million dollars on the baby brands.

Overall I had an uneventful pregnancy. I did experience cravings (ice cream) and sometimes had pregnancy brain (wearing two different shoes to work).

I remember being six months pregnant and going on the most fabulous bachelorette trip to Laguna Beach. The hostess rented a hummer limo and everyone had a great time. Even me, the preggo girl who couldn’t drink. I will say it was sad when I and another girl who had way too many soon got sent home on the early drop off.

One mistake I made was dressing my baby up every day. I dressed her to the nines (fancy dresses, tights, bows, shoes), while the smart parents dressed their newborns in comfy play clothes. It never dawned on me how I was treating her like a baby doll. She was so cute!

It’s funny how your first baby gets all the gadgets (diaper warmers, diaper genies, etc). Your second is lucky to get anything because the new baby novelty is over. You take fewer pictures,put fewer bows on their head, and record fewer milestones.

One lesson I learned the hard way was that swim diapers were not absorbent. We were on our way to the neighborhood pool when we decided to stop and have chick filet. Isabella was on my lap in her swim suit and swim diaper when all if a sudden pee comes gushing out of her. It was a mess. Christa said to me, “you didn’t know they were only made to hold poop in”? Uh..no…

I bought an embroidery machine to monogram Isabella’s name on anything and everything. By the time Sophia came I was over it. Poor baby has pictures of her taken wearing bibs that say Isabella.

Probably the grossest new mom moment was when I changed Isabella’s diaper on the floor in the living room. Apparently a small terd came out and I only noticed it after I saw her eating it!

It’s so funny how much more relaxed you get by the third child. You don’t even bring a diaper bag with you and if you do it is not a proper one. Instead it is one of your other kids old backpacks.

So if you are a soon to be first mommy, here are a few tips.

– Start a blog (doesn’t have to be public) so that you can print them into hard bound books. Get the blog app on your phone to make it even easier.

– The best item you can have is the Rock and Play

– We also LOVE the roll cart

– Avent bottles are awesome

– Finding the perfect sippy cup is impossible.

– You will never have enough socks, pacis, or sippy cups

– You will waste a lot of money on kids meals when you eat out because they will eat very little. Instead give them food from your plate.

– Try and get along with your kid’s teacher and school staff. They will make sure to treat your child nicely. It’s hard not to hold a grudge against a child who has lied to the parent about you and then has cursed you out. 

– Be flexible with your schedule. If your kid has to be in bed strictly at 7pm, your social life might be non-existent. 

– Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake.

– Have fun!!!!! Time flies!

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