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What would you be willing to do for $5.00? What service would you be willing to pay $5.00 for? These are two questions that have been answered by hundreds of thousands of people. In 2009 two Internet entrepreneurs, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, got together and created a website based company called Fiverr. The premise is that people have a forum to sell services that range from proof reading papers, singing songs, answering questions, and the list goes on. The caveat is that sellers have to be willing to sell their service for $5.00. (They earn $4.00 and the rest goes to Fiverr/Paypal). As you sell more services, you get promoted in status and are then allowed to add “add-ons” for additional fees.

I found out about Fiverr the other night when I was complaining to Dave that I could not fix my Freezer Meal Blog’s header. The picture was in the left corner and I wanted it to go across. He spent a few minutes trying to help me figure out the problem, to no avail. He then said, “why don’t you go to Fiverr and see if you can pay someone $5.00 to fix the problem”. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing. It was 11 pm at night and I found a guy who could fix my problem for $5.00. Because he has completed several transactions, I was allowed to pay an additional $5.00 to have him fix my problem in less than 24 hours. For me it was worth it. I think the guy lived in India (he was wide awake). He fixed my problem in about an hour (or less- I fell asleep while he was fixing it).

I wish I had the before picture, but I don’t.

At lunch the next day one of my friends was talking about how nervous/stressed out she was about having to write a maid of honor speech. I told her she should check out Fiverr. Maybe she could provide basic details and someone could write one for her. She and our friend Tracey were intrigued. I said at the worst she was out $5.00!

Christa and I decided to try another transaction. We found a person who advertised the following

I am a professional blogger and freelance journalist. With this gig I offer:

  1. One or more solid, compelling and professional articles about anything up to a total of 200 words of outstanding content (This length is a standard for many applications, and it will allow me to present the content in a detailed and compact way).

  2. I will thoroughly research the topic and adjust my register and writing style to fit your target readers.

  3. I will always provide an insightful explanation about my writing process and my approach on the piece.

  4. I will not personally post any article or review on third party sites. The purpose of this gig is to offer well-written, insightful and great content for you to use in any way you please, including re-posting it wherever you want, it’s completely up to you.

I paid the $5.00 (easy-paypal) and sent the following message-


I was wondering if you could write a blog post for my blog that talks about what parents can do or say to teachers so that the teacher likes their child. Let’s say your child sometimes slips up and is not perfect model student, what can be done so that the teacher has positive feelings and doesn’t hold a grudge . The blog post can be funny.

Thanks! Corrin

I will say I got the post in less than a day. Here is what I received.

Parents: the best way to talk to a teacher about your kid!

Let’s face it, all parents dream about kids who excel at school. We don’t only want this to feel proud about our kids, but we are genuinely concerned about their progress and attitude towards the future. At times, children might experience difficulties in school due to a number of reasons.

Some kids might experience social anxiety or feel uncomfortable because of the environment or schoolmates (inadequate facilities, bullying…) leading to academic issues as well. In other situations, kids might just find it difficult to stay focus or to keep up with the program. Whether the source of your kid’s difficulty in school might be, talking to the teacher might be the first step towards the best solution.

Make sure you are open about your concerns, and if you have any question regarding the school, the class or your kid’s behavior, do not be afraid to ask. Even if your kid might be a difficult student, if you speak genuinely and openly, showing that you are acting in the best interest of the child, teachers will in turn become more open and helpful when it comes to supporting you and your child!

Overall I was EXTREMELY pleased with my first Fiverr. The second one was just ok. In the person’s defense, I wasn’t clear at all. I was hoping for it to be funny and I should have said that exactly instead of it can be funny. The person said she hoped I was happy and if I wasn’t, before I left negative feedback, to let her know and she would change it.

On a side note- Fiverr has CRAZY things for sale!!! All kinds of people who will dress up in crazy costumes, people who will do one of those videos with words on paper that keeps dropping to say something (I saw lots of women in bikinis), people who will solve chemical equations, do math homework, etc. You name it, someone will do it for $5.00.

Overall, I really like this website. I like that if I’m in a pinch for something creative, unique, or just can’t figure out, I can probably find it on Fiverr! Now I just have to figure out WHAT I CAN SELL!!!!

My question for you: What do you think about this website? Would you use it?

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