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Fiverr Part Two

Six months ago we blogged about a very cool service called Fiverr.

From the Original Post

What would you be willing to do for $5.00? What service would you be willing to pay $5.00 for? These are two questions that have been answered by hundreds of thousands of people. In 2009 two Internet entrepreneurs, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, got together and created a website based company called Fiverr.  The premise is that people have a forum to sell services that range from proof reading papers, singing songs, answering questions, and the list goes on.  The caveat is that sellers have to be willing to sell their service for $5.00. (They earn $4.00 and the rest goes to Fiverr/Paypal). As you sell more services, you get promoted in status and are then allowed to add “add-ons” for additional fees.

*Fiverr has now added a button after your service is complete where you have the option of tipping the person who completed a service. 

I have used Fiverr several times recently and wanted to blog about my wonderful experiences. 

First, when my sister graduated from ULL in December, all of the sisters were put in charge of planning her graduation party.  I paid a couple of party planners on Fiverr $5.00 to give me party suggestions.  I was given lots of great advice ranging from menu items to decor. 

Christa and I are trying to fix some of our blogger bugs, but we know nothing about programming.  For some reason when people clicked on our home button, people would be directed to an old blog post. I paid $5.00 to fix the programming error and now it works.  We also were having programs with our subscription feed and a different person from Fiverr fixed that! 

One of our friends was in a wedding and paid someone on Fiverr to help him write a speech. 

Other ideas on how to maximize Fiverr include:

  1. Have someone give you constructive feedback on a resume or your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Have someone help you “jazz up” your online dating profile.

  3. Order a silly birthday wish for someone.

  4. Have someone design a logo for your business.

Some of the more bizarre Fiverr gigs include:

  1. “I will dress up in a hotdog costume and sing any song”

  2. “I will be your Facebook girlfriend for one week”

  3. “I will break up with someone for you”

  4. “I will flirt with your husband or boyfriend to see if they would cheat”

We have two questions for you. What have you paid for on Fivver or what service would you be willing to pay for on Fiverr?


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