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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a fun holiday that people of all ages can enjoy. Christa and I remember always having a great Halloween costume. There were hits and there were misses. My mom made us felt Crayola costumes that fell apart at  a Halloween party. I still remember piece by piece falling down.  She redeemed herself with our purple corduroy custom made  dinosaur costumes.

The funniest Halloween had to be our freshman year in college.  My mom decided it would be a cute idea to make a front yard cemetery.  Christa and I were MORTIFIED to see she put our names on the tombstones as well as our boyfriends names (wonder if that was a sign! haha).

Here are a few funny Halloween 2014 related political cartoons:

Funny Halloween costumes

And finally some picts of our own kids from different Halloween’s. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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