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Healthiest Fast Food Options

You are running errands or it’s the end of a long day and you find yourself hungry and wanting to get something fast. The problem is that most of us are starting the new year off by committing to being healthy. What should you do?

Have no worries, here are your best choices that actually taste great!

*** Easy calories to cut out of your diet include mayonnaise, regular salad dressing, and regular soft drinks.

McDonalds: a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise or a fruit and walnut yogurt. The ice cream cones aren’t crazy high in calories (stay away from the McFlurries). For breakfast the egg white delights are tasty as is the oatmeal (I usually tell them to leave out the extras).

Chick-Fil-A: for breakfast the minis are a good option (260 calories). For the rest of the day, most of the salads with a low fat/calorie dressing, grilled chicken sandwhich, 6 piece nuggets, grilled chicken wrap, and the chicken noodle soup.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeyes: I’ll admit we love these places but generally steer clear because they just seem so fattening. KFC- the small mashed potatoes actually only have 90 calories! KFC- grilled chicken drumsticks (peel off skin…I know, the best part!) Popeyes- the red beans and rice are not that high in calories. Steer clear of biscuits from both.

Wendys: the chili is a decent option. Also a salad with low calorie dressing.

Burger King: a whopper junior- no mayo-no cheese is a great option. The side salad is another low calorie choice.

Subway: Any of your basic sandwiches are great options with a side of baked lays. Remember to stay away from cheese/mayo and load up on veggies! 

Taco Bell: fresco steak burrito supreme or the fresco chicken soft taco. Your basic bean and cheese burrito are pretty low in calories.

Chipotle: 3 Barbacoa tacos on soft corn tortillas, vegetarian burrito bowl with brown rice.

Panera Bread: half smoked turkey breast on artisan whole grain loaf with low fat garden veggie soup, also power Mediterranean chicken salad and baked lays 

Ideally we want to stay away from fast food as much as possible, but sometimes it is your only option. Let’s all just make smart choices! 

We would love for you to share healthy fast food items that we have not mentioned. 

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