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Help! I Need a Chore Chart That Works!

This blog post was inspired because Christa and I have 8 kids combined and desperately needed an organization system for chores and the mud room.  Her kids were complaining to me that they sometimes got allowance but there was not a clear system.  I told Christa that we both needed a clear chore chart/system.  My girls (6 and 5) are old enough to make their beds, clean their room, and help me sort laundry. 

Christa went to 5 Below (one of our favorite stores) and bought dry erase boards, magnetic boards, cork boards, and organization baskets. She didn’t realize it at the time, but most of the colors of the magnetic boards/baskets were able to coordinate and be assigned to a child. 

She decided that her top priorities were that each kid had to clean their own room and it would be checked on Sunday evening so that they did not have cups everywhere, laundry all of the floor, etc.  Each kid would be responsible for one chore throughout the week. The most important chores she decided for her kids would be unloading the dishwasher, emptying the trash can, and cleaning up the living room and kitchen.  Every week the chores would be rotated. 

The kids would be paid an allowance (is this word taboo or politically incorrect) on Sunday evenings.  Everyone is excited about the new system!

Here are pictures of Christa’s mud room before the redo.

Here are pictures of Christa’s mud room after the redo.

Every kid got:

magnetic board to write messages or to place pictures on.

A calendar where they could keep track of practices, events, etc and so that everyone could see other siblings schedules.

A cork board where chore charts could be displayed. Christa or Brad will place a check at the end of the week if the chores were completed and the rooms were clean.

A dry erase board where Brad or Christa could write messages to the kids. 

A basket to put shoes, etc. 

I am hoping to implement a similar system at my own house.  I feel that kids want to earn money and having a tangible system will make this process easier.  I also love that she can write notes to the kids.

Our question to you, do you think this will work?


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