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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

A few years ago, our friends Lori and Darrin Yu decided to throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  You can buy a kit (online or in the stores, usually around $20.00) where all of the information is prepared.  Four couples were invited and the theme of the dinner was Murder at Mardi Gras (our kids played upstairs during the party).  The company provided a suggested menu to be served at the dinner party. We went semi-pot luck with Lori and Darrin preparing the main Louisiana inspired dish and cocktails (Hurricanes) and the rest of us brought a themed related dessert or side. Before the party, we were given our characters’ names and descriptions so that we could come to the party dressed accordingly. Christa’s character (Ms. Magnolia, a beauty queen) was easy to dress because she used a crown from the dress up box and made a pageant banner using ribbon and glitter. Corrin dressed as a maid by wearing a black dress and going to a party store to find maid accessories. Our friend Tara was a tacky step mother and her husband Lance was a musician (he wore tacky clothes and a mullet wig).  Darrin dressed as a chef and Lori (Goth Girl) wore all black and heavy make-up. Dave was a business man so he wore a suit and Brad wore his normal clothes because he was a nerd. Everyone was excited about the dinner party because it was something different to do on a Saturday night. 

As we arrived to the party dressed in costume, our hosts served us drinks and we munched on appetizers. We eventually made our way into the dining room so that we could start our meal and start the next round of the party. Everyone was given a script to read and as we ate, we acted our part. It was hilarious because all of the participants took their parts seriously and made sure their voices fit their characters. Throughout the dinner everyone wondered who the murderer was.

If you are looking for something different and fun, we would highly recommend hosting a Murder Mystery dinner Party. Online stores have numerous Murder Mystery games to choose from that can accommodate a group as small as 4-6 people, to larger groups of 100. Personally if you are hosting one at your house we would recommend 8-10 people so that everyone can sit at the same table.

Here is an article from the Washington Post by someone who hosted the one we attended.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/26/AR2010102602985.html

Here is another link to a Murder Mystery Dinner that sounds like fun. https://www.nightofmystery.com/content/shop_products/24/preview.pdf

If this blog entry has inspired you to host a Murder Mystery Dinner, we would love to find out how it went (with pictures!).


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