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How to throw the Best Slumber Party Ever!

The title is how my girls described their first slumber party at our house.

A few weeks ago Isabella was invited to her very first sleep over.  The girls had a blast but unfortunately she got scared at the end of the night and came home.  I promised her friend that we would do a “do over” at our house to make up for Isabella leaving at the end of the night.

I decided to be super organized and plan some activities.  I over planned and we probably did too many things, but everything seemed so easy with the girls. 

The activities I planned included: Making salt dough ornaments, shrinky dinks, ordering pizza, and making cookies.

Christa lent me her cookie cutters and paint for the ornaments.  She kept saying over and over, “The paint is permanent, be careful! I found a roll of white plastic table cloth that I had left over and covered my kitchen furniture.

We wrote a “Slumber Party Agenda” so the girls could know what was next.

First we started the salt dough ornaments.  This is sooo easy and the girls had a blast. All you need is salt, flour, and warm water.  Here is the link I used for directions.

We blended the ingredients, rolled it out and the girls took turns cutting out there shapes.  Each girl was able to make about 6 ornaments.  We used a straw to cut a hole for the ribbon, but should have made them a little larger!

Next, while the ornaments were baking, the girls made shrink dinks.  I picked up this box a few weeks ago when Barnes and Nobles had all of their toys 75% off.

I’ve been good about keeping a gift closet so that when things like this come up I have something.  I only buy stuff that is super cheap!

Next week made the sugar cookies.  Dave was good about sorting the second half of the process so that the girls could start painting their ornaments.

We decided this time they would just paint the front side.  Next time I do this, we will paint both sides.

After they finished painting, the cookies were ready to be decorated with frosting and sprinkles.

All three girls woke super early and wanted breakfast.  I made a batch of waffles and split the batter three ways.  The girls then raided the pantry for things to put in their waffles (food color, chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles).

After the girls ate, they wrote their names/date in sharpie on the back of the ornaments. I then sprayed them with Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine from Hobby Lobby.  The holes were small but I managed to get string/ribbon through them!

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