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I Got a New Car for $135.00!

Ok, I know this title sounds misleading.  I didn’t actually physically buy a new car, but I got my car detailed and it feels as though my trusty 2008 Buick Enclave is brand new!

Are you like me and have a car that totes around little ones who LOVE to spill milk, fast food, crayons, markers, juice, and a plethora of other objects in your car? Do you get embarrassed when friends or family ride in your car because it is that gross? Worry no more, I have the solution for you!

Christa has been getting on to me for months saying that I needed to get my SUV detailed.  I knew I should, but I just didn’t take two seconds to sort it out.  I knew the benefits of getting a car detailed because of a birthday present my husband gave me a few years ago.  When I was still driving my smaller car, he brought my car to be detailed. It was a miracle! I can honestly say that even though he drives the small car now, it is still VERY clean from that detail job.

Back to me having no time.  Christa found a company that comes to your house and details your car in your driveway! I finally sorted it out and gave them a call.  It was so convenient. They said they would arrive between 2-4 PM and stay a few hours. This was perfect because I was babysitting Charlotte, had Finley and Sophia, and had to get Isabella off the bus around the same time. 

Two men showed up at my house with a truck full of supplies (wet vac, water hose, cleaner, etc). They jokingly admitted that, yes, my car was pretty bad.  Duh! That is why I called you!  After a couple of hours later, I was AMAZED!!! My car looked brand new on the outside and the inside.  I could not get over how they got rid of mounds of crusty, hard stuff (you know the dried food/drinks that won’t come up, even with a chisel)!  The car was IMMACULATE!

My car has over 160,000 miles on it and I plan on driving it for another 100,000 miles. Spending $135.000 (I did tip them because my car was so bad) every year or twice a year is a lot cheaper than a car note!

So, my question for you, who is ready to save some money and get their older car “spiffed up”?

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