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I Heart Vinyl

I am currently obsessed with a machine that allows you to personalize almost anything you can think of!!



My friend Amy has a machine called a Cameo Silhouette.  It allows you to connect your computer to the machine, load a piece of vinyl, cut the vinyl, and stick it on anything you can think of! 

Amy kindly volunteered to vinyl anything we needed when we would dec a room for Dec My Room (an organization that decorates hospital rooms for kids who are sick).   Jessica, Corrin, and I decided that it would be awesome if every child got a bucket, body pillow case cover, drinking cup, and possibly a shirt with a name or initial on it.  Amy told us to go to the dollar tree and stock up on white buckets.  If we bring her a shirt, she can get her machine and iron on a cute initial monogram. 

Some cute things Amy has done with her Silhouette machine.  She currently is obsessed with making cute baby gifts! 

Amy went on a beach vacation with a few families.  She made cups for everyone so they would not be confused!

My childhood friend, Karen, also loves her Silhouette machine!  I follow her on Facebook and I love seeing all of her new projects!  She recently did a Disney shirt for her niece that just turned one.  She says that she really enjoys making new things.  She is very creative so I love seeing what she can do. 

Silhouette v. Cricut

There are two leading machines of vinyl, the Silhouette and the Cricut.  Corrin decided that she wanted to buy one of these machines and did research.  After research, Corrin decided on the Silhouette because our friend Amy said that she would help her and because of the positive reviews.  The Cricut also got lots of good reviews so I think the machines are very comparable. 

The Silhouette showed up at Corrin’s door and she decided to keep it in my craft room (for now) because it is set up to do theses projects and because she lives 1.5 miles away and the mess is better at my house than at hers.   Amy gave her a tutorial and she was ready to go.  The only thing she needed to do was to order vinyl.  It is better to order it online because the vinyl at Hobby Lobby or Michaels is the stuff that can’t be washed.  If you put vinyl  on a cup, you want it to be dishwasher safe. 

Corrin made a few things:  Bunko sticker for her bunko group case and a decal with a girl’s name that we Dec’d her room on Monday.  She and I both made the girl a cup with her name and Amy made a cute bucket for her. 

I decided to play with the machine and ended up making Easter buckets (from the Dollar Store). 

Should I buy a vinyl machine? 

The vinly machine is awesome.  It is super easy to use (much easier than the embroidery machine that I bought).  It costs around $300.  I personally think it is worth the money because of the amount of cute things you can make with it.  Not only can you do cute things with the vinyl stickers, you can make cute shirts with the iron ons.  You can join a silhouette or cricut facebook page and see the cute things that people are making!

What if I am REALLY REALLY RELLY not crafty?

Go to YouTube and watch a video on how to use your machine.  It is VERY simple and anyone can do it!!!!

I want to conclude this post by mentioning my friend Amy Klafka.  Amy owns a business called Designs All Mine.  Amy is so talented and can make ANY embroidery or vinyl thing you need.  Her stuff is so cute (see below) and her prices are VERY reasonable.  Amy is our “go to girl” for our embroidery on our body pillow case for our Dec My Room kids.  The quality is amazing and my machine cannot do the size or quality that Amy can do. 

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to VINYL?

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