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I’m Obsessed With These Three Products!

Today our good friend Jessica is guest blogging about more of the things she is currently obsessed with.  We love that Jessica contributes to our blog and that she shares very cool products that some of us have never heard of before.  Here first blog can be found here!  She is the quintessential person that you can go to for advice on how to make your life easier! Jessica is a wife and mom to two very sweet boys, Jett and Jay.  She also promotes Happy Family Organic products.

From Jessica:

Things I’m currently Obsessed With Take 2!

I have recently discovered 3 amazing products I’d love to share with you.  They all have made my life just a little easier.  When you have 2 littles ones anything that makes your life easier, even if it’s just the tiniest bit, helps!!

Chrysmela Catch earring backs

I discovered this one morning while watching the today show at the gym (while on the elliptical).  They were doing a segment on products for Valentine’s day (I think) and when they talked about earring backs that locked, fit all earring types, and were easy to put on and take off, I was sold!  My wonderful husband bought me a beautiful pair of diamond earring a few years back for my birthday.  They had screw backs so I felt very comfortable that I wouldn’t lose them.  The only problem was that the screw backs were a HUGE pain to put on and take off.  

One day I lost a back while taking off the earrings.  In what I am sure is a conspiracy by the jewelers of the world, I was disappointed to learn that now all “screw back” earrings are alike.  You have to match the threads up.  I searched tirelessly for some that matched and finally settled for some that sort of fit.  I was never comfortable with the new ones, so they set in my jewelry box for a while.  When I saw the Chrysmela Catch Earring backs on the Today show I immediately got on Amazon to order them.  I was a little taken aback with the $50 price tag but I was tired of my earring just sitting there unworn and decided to buy them anyway.  They are amazing.  They fit on my diamond earrings, but will also fit any other earrings.  They have a little lock that engages when you put them on, and you simply pull the end disk to take unlock and remove.  It’s so easy!

Vichy Calming Cleansing Solution

I went into Ulta one day with one simple task, buy a makeup brush.  Of course I left there with much more.  The Vichy Rep was there that day and talked me into buying this cleaning solution.  Confession time, when it comes to taking care of my skin I am LAZY.  I have been blessed with relatively good skin, I’ve never had acne problems, I have a darker complexion to hide a lot of imperfections, and if I take after my mother, I will still look great when I’m OLD (just kidding mom, you’re not old). Because of this, I prefer the easiest possible way to get from point A to point B, I don’t want 50 steps in between.  I prefer a moisturizer with sunscreen, cleansing cloths, and lip balm.  When the Vichy rep told me this was easier than cleansing cloths I was skeptical but figured I’d try it because Ulta has an excellent return policy (try it, don’t like it, return it).  I was amazed at how this solution cleaned my skin.  It feels like water but removes all your makeup easily and quickly.  Cleansing cloths always made my skin a little tender but not this!  Here is a blurb from the Ultra site about it:

A refreshing cleansing water enriched with soothing Rose Phytopheno to clean the face, remove eye/lip make-up and soothe the skin in one simple step. No rinsing required. Ingredient Innovation: Unique Micelle Technology, gentle yet effective in removing impurities and makeup. Rose Phytophenol, to calm and soothe skin. With Vichy Thermal Water, to soothe and fortify. Results: Face, eyes and lips are perfectly cleansed in one simple step. Even the most sensitive skin feels soothed. Ultra-effective: cleanses and removes makeup without rubbing. Dermatological Standards: Allergy tested. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Tested on contact lens wearers. Alcohol-free. Soap-free. Colorant-free. Skin pH. Non-comedogenic.

The Wet Brush

This was another item that I was so skeptical about but has literally changed my beauty routine.  I have fine hair that tangles BAD.  It used to take me longer to get the tangles out than to blow dry it.  I went to a new hairdresser recommended by all my Town Lake friends.  When I told her about my hair I expected her to pull out detangling spray like everyone else does but instead she told me about this brush.  I thought, yeah right, but a few seconds later my hair was free of tangles and stayed that way!!  If you or your little one has hair that tangles easy this brush is a MUST!  You can find it at Target or online at Amazon.  

So, what products can you not live without?

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