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If I could go back in time….Things I would tell my “kidless self”

If I could go back in time, things I would tell my “kidless self” or others who are thinking of starting a family…..

1. You will never know how much you can loveuntil you become a parent. It’s incredible! I don’t know that anyone ever told me that or if it’s just that I didn’t understand what they were telling me.

2. Don’t turn down social invitations…. Especially spontaneous invites. Don’t get me wrong, you still have fun & get to do plenty of social things as a parent, but you have to plan and arrange for a babysitter. If you have to pay for a babysitter, it can get expensive!

3. Take all the city/history style/not kid friendly trips you need to fill your travel bug before you have a little one. We travel a lot with our little one, but having a toddler in tow definitely changes ideas for vacation locations.

4. Parenting a toddler isn’t always easy. Now I know why there are meltdowns in restaurants! I’m guilty of judging people, pre-kid, for having a screaming child in a public place. Now, I just silently relate!

5. Take naps/be lazy whenever you feel like it! You don’t have anyone demanding your attention all day, so enjoy the quiet time.

6. Enjoy lots of fine dining restaurants. It’s harder to enjoy a 2 hour meal with a little one, so you tend to only go on adult nights out… Which aren’t as often as family time.

7. Buy a kid mobile after you have a kid. You will then see what features are great to have as a parent. Who knew that a power lift gate would be so needed?!

8. Your life isn’t over when you have a child. Your ideas of fun, just change a little!

9. Having children in your 30’s is the best idea ever! I knew I didn’t want kids in my 20’s, but who knew it would be such a great decision? We appreciate it so much & never feel like we missed out on anything.

10. Don’t worry much over the small things. Once you have a child, you will be consumed with worry for the rest of your life! I’m kidding… Sort of. But you do worry about your kid, their well being & if you are doing things right! It’s the biggest responsibility of your life.

I am forever grateful that I get to have this experience in my life. My kidless self never knew that I would have found so much joy!

My question for you is this:  Which one of my tips do you most agree with and why?

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