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Imaginary Dinner Party: Who would YOU invite?

You get to invite eight guests (besides Jesus) who are either dead or alive to a dinner party. Who do you invite?

Here are my eight guests

  1. Pope Francis: I know I am biased because I am Catholic but even if I weren’t Catholic, I would still invite him. I know that there are many non-Catholics who think he is just super awesome. He is a breath of fresh air for the Catholic Church and for the world. I love that he is humble and wants to be on the same level as all people, not above. When he talks about other faiths, he is supportive in respecting their beliefs. Pope Francis does not live in a glass bubble and will not sugarcoat evil. He has been very vocal in his disapproval of terrorist and people who are evil. I would love to talk to him for five minutes.

2. My late grandfather, Bill Machen: My grandfather Bill is my mother’s dad and is who my son William is named after (and his other grandfather William). I remember my grandfather loving to play the guitar and his love for his family. I can still recall what his voice sounds like because of the recordings my mom would play. I would love to ask my grandfather what Heaven is like. I would also like to ask if my grandmother who he was married to (and divorced to) is driving him crazy up there.

3. Ellen: I think that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest people alive. If you watch her show, you can’t help but crack up. I also love that she is a giver. She is constantly doing things to help people in need. I think at the dinner party, we could defiantly put on some rap music and she would probably get on top of the table and dance. I would love to see Pope Francis’ face when she was dancing.

4. Bobby Flay: I just love Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay is a professional chef and restaurant owner who has several television shows on the Food Network. I used to be obsessed with watching his Throw Down with Bobby Flay. I think that Bobby would be able to give us all great cooking tips during the meal.

5. My husband Brad: Of course I would invite the most important man in life, my super amazing husband. I would definitely seat him next to Pope Francis because he is a die hard Catholic. If you offered my husband ten million dollars or a chance to have a meal with the Pope, he wouldn’t hesitate to say a meal with the Pope. I for sure wouldn’t put him next to Bobby Flay because he knows that he is my super star crush. My husband would be on edge all night praying that I didn’t embarrass him because sometimes things accidently come out of my mouth and I immediately think “oops.”

6. Danny Thomas: I would love to have Danny Thomas drop in from Heaven because he is one of my heroes. He is the founder of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital where amazing things happen. He was also a devout Catholic so I would seat him on the other side of Pope Francis. I love St. Jude’s because all children have access to this hospital, even if they cannot afford it. It is nice to know if my kids ever get a terrible disease, St. Jude’s is there.

7. Jerry Seinfeld: Do you have a TV show that you can quote? My husband loves Seinfeld and probably has seen every episode. He will be in a normal conversation and start referencing a Seinfeld episode. “Don’t you remember Christa the Seinfeld episode where blah blah blah….” I just shake my head no and then he starts to act it out if it is possible. I would invite Jerry Seinfeld because I think he is a nice guy and would also add humor to the dinner.

8. Albert Einstein: My final guest would be Albert Einstein. I would love to invite him because he is a genius and I would be fascinated to see his reaction to all of the modern day advances. I would like to give him an I Phone and have him face time with someone in a different country. I would love to watch him get on the internet and “Google” himself. Could he have even imagined this technology? What does he think of his counterpart Al Gore who invented the internet J?

My question for you is this:  What eight guests would YOU invite to your dinner party and WHY?


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