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Do you ever have to buy something for someone who seems to have everything? Are you looking for something unique that you can’t find around town? Do you like to support small business owners who live their lives devoted to God, their family, and community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect find for your dilemma! Junk Town Revival is a family owned business owned and operated by Brett and Leigh Chamberlain. These two people are probably ones of the nicest people you will ever meet and Christa and I have the honor of Leigh being our cousin.

Junk Town Revival is a vintage consignment business that has its roots in Shreveport, Louisiana. The store sells a wide variety of cool furniture, books, and other treasures. They are especially known for their repurposed journals that have been created from vintage books that have been rescued from thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and other unique places. According to their website:

Redeemed…On the road to restoration, each book is broken down.  The cover remains unaltered, but the contents of the book are soon to be transformed.  The damaged pages are removed and replaced with 50 pages of durable 28lb Strathmore journaling paper perfect for capturing your every thought, idea or story.  Original undamaged pages are included throughout the journal.  The book is cleaned and rebound with a sturdy twin loop coil that allows the book to easily lay flat. The vintage book is restored completely by hand, not to its former self, but redeemed for a new purpose.

Both Christa and I have purchased Junk Town Revival journals and have been EXTREMELY impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the items. We especially love that we can purchase the books online at a very reasonable price and have them shipped to our homes in Houston. Christa purchased a vintage journal for Paige as a present for making her confirmation. I have made a special purchase for a special person in my life for Valentine’s Day.

Brett and Leigh’s road to meeting each other and starting this journey together is remarkable. They were both previously married with beautiful kids. They both have had trials and tribulations in life, but have persevered through hard work and prayer. They met at church (my sweet cousin who says can’t sing a note, joined the church choir because she felt like God wanted her to). Of course their paths crossed through the choir and other church functions, and they are now one big blended family. I love their story! You can read it by clicking here!

So, if you are looking for a great gift, I highly recommend you checking out their Junk Town Revival website. Here is a link to the journals they sell. Also, if you are ever in the Shreveport area, you can visit their shop located at 133 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA, 71104. If you stop by, tell them that her blonde twin cousins sent you!

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