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Keeping it Simple

Sometimes in life, you have to just keep it simple.  Today is Sunday and I think that the most important thing to do on a Sunday is to put God first and to spend time with your family.

In the age of electronics, it is so hard to compete for your children’s attention because they would much rather be on electronics playing games or on their phones (instogram, facebook, twitter, etc).  Yesterday I was reminded that sometimes you need to keep things simple.  William and I were putting together a puzzle and it was so nice hanging out with him and electronics not being a part of it.  The puzzle came from the dollar store and it was fairly difficult.  William and I worked on it for about an hour and it still is not complete.  We can continue to work on it throughout the week. 

Allison and Abbey had a few friends over Friday night and I was looking for different activities for the girls to do.  I found several fun things at the dollar store to do, one of them being puzzles.  Sometimes you forget about puzzles but it is a simple activity that is fun and cheap that gets your family or friends hanging out without the electronics. 

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