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Lesson learned from a dog named Whisky riding a Roomba

Today’s post is a bit of a hodgepodge post about our crazy day yesterday and the many lessons/reminders we need to remember. The title is not true, but more symbolic.

6:00 A.M. I wake up and start cleaning up my house. We have warranty man coming by at 9 AM to fix a few things around the house. The house has been messy the last few days because our Roomba (robotic vacuum) broke. It was more our fault because I put it in a high traffic area and the 1 and 4 year old would not stop “playing with it”. Finley even tried to ride it a few times.

Lesson learned

· Keep Roomba in an out of way place so that small kids do not treat it as a toy.

7:00 A.M. Floors are swept, mopped, laundry was started, and house looks presentable.

Lesson learned

· Don’t wait until the last minute to pick up house!

7:30 A.M Wake kids up, get them dressed and fed (I promised them homemade waffles). They wanted their own mix so that they could put food color in the mix by themselves. Isabella gets green color on her clothes and has to change.

Lesson learned

· Learn to tell kids NO.

8:10 A.M. Using Wet Vac to vacuum my car because the neighbor texted at 7:45 asking if her daughter could ride with us to school.

Lessons learned

· Stick to your guns and do not let the kids eat in the car!

· Don’t let car get so gross that you are embarrassed if an 8 year old rides in it.

· One of my best wedding presents was from a sweet friend of mina named Paul- a Wet Vac. Those things are awesome and suck everything up (socks, gold fish bags, candy wrappers). I highly recommend giving a new couple a wet vac for a wedding present. It is something that Dave and I a decade ago would have never thought to buy, but it sure does come in handy.

8:20 A.M. Christa comes by to watch Finley so I can drop off Isabella, Sophia, and our neighbor at two different schools.

Lessons learned

· Do not take a left out of Rennell Elementary during school zone hours (saw the millionth person get a ticket doing this).

· Do not have three kids at three different schools if you can help it.

9:00 A.M. Josh, nicest David Weekly warranty manager comes over to install missing bathroom door brackets (have no idea how Dave caught that) and try and figure out why our gas fireplace won’t work (it worked when we moved in).

Lessons learned

· Just because your husband is a mechanical engineer doesn’t mean that he is handy around the house (fireplace wasn’t broken). I love you Dave!!!!

· Don’t ignore fix it stuff just because you are a girl. He showed me how to turn on the fireplace (how sad that I didn’t even know). Christa installed Isabella’s chandelier in our last house and I didn’t pay attention to how she did it. I just handed her the tools.

9:45 A.M. Christa comes back from dropping girls off at Mother’s Day Out and we run 4 miles around neighborhood. As we are running our friend honks at us, the guys working in my backyard cat call us when we were running by not realizing they were working in my backyard, and we rescue a very cute dog running straight towards us without a collar. We immediately take pictures of him, post the picts on various Cypress websites and facebook links, and put him in the garage while we go and try to return my broken Roomba that I did not keep my box or my receipt for (thankfully Christa gave me her box!).

Lessons learned

· Do not go running around your neighborhood without makeup dressed in layers looking like crap because your neighbors will see you.

· Some men must not have standards. We looked rough at the end of our run.

· We are not offended by the cat calls, but actually appreciate that we still get them every now and again!

· Always have a dog collar with your information!

· Keep and or take pictures of receipts for items that are relatively expensive (over 100?).

· Keep boxes of expensive items that might need to be returned.

· Take pictures of expensive tickets purchased in case you lose them (my dad learned this lesson the hard way when he accidently dropped the 2 Super Bowl tickets after he and my sister sat down (they were really good seats) and went to get something to eat. They were pretty sure they knew the seats, but 2 people who had worse seats picked up the tickets and refused to move. The Super Dome people felt so bad and tried to find a place for them to stand with a good view. They told my dad if he had taken a picture of the tickets then they could figure out and be seated in his rightful seats!

12:30 P.M. Leaving Bed Bath and Beyond with a big smile and brand new Roomba, grateful for the employee who let me return my used Roomba without a receipt!

Lessons learned

· The Roomba is probably one of my favorite purchases of all times. I paid $350.00 (after using my 20% off coupon). We use it every day and the lady said that they rarely are returned (I know my kids played a big part!)

· My friend Jenn said that Roombas are on sale at Kohls and you can use the 30% coupon code, but you have to use it before Wednesday.

· The Roomba is awesome because you can program it to leave the dock at a certain time and it will return to the dock on its own (this is great because I can have it run when the kids and I are not at home). It will automatically go from tile to wooden floor to carpet. It even makes straight carpet lines and vacuums under beds! I know that $350.00 is a lot, but I figure we will use it at least once a day and I will gladly pay $1.00 a day to not have to vacuum my house. I know it sounds bratty, but the few days we were on our own made us realize how AWESOME it is!!!

1:30 P.M. Drove down the street to the nearest Vet Clinic and had the dog scanned to see if he had a chip. We were SHOCKED this dog had a chip because of the condition he was in. His hair was all manged, he looked like he had not had a bath ever, you could not see his poor eyes because the hair was so long, and he had poop all stuck to his butt. It was so sad.

Lesson learned

· It only cost $59.00 to chip your dog.

2:00 P.M. Picked up girls from Mother’s Day Out and drove back home. On my way I tried to call Dave but he wouldn’t answer. I texted that I found a dog and was trying to find the owner. He called me literally two seconds later saying that we weren’t having two dogs.

Lessons learned

· When you want your husband to answer the phone right away, tell him you brought home a dog!

3:00 P.M. Finally finished the laundry.

Lesson learned

· ??? I hate laundry…Actually I don’t mind laundry, it the hanging putting away that I detest.

4:00 P.M. Took girls with me to get Isabella off of the school bus.

Lesson learned

· I have to keep appreciating that this year we have a bus! Last year we lived too close to the school.

In conclusion Whisky (the name of the dog) did not really ride our Roomba. I wrote this post because today was WONDERFUL and I felt like I have accomplished a lot. I also wrote it for a selfish reason. I wanted Dave to really know what I do as a stay at home mom.

Lesson learned

· Always be grateful for blessings like kids, husband, the ability to be a stay at home mom, dogs, and Roombas.

My question for you is what are some of the lessons you would like to share?

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