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Let’s OoVoo!

Let’s OoVoo!!

What the heck is OoVoo?

Everyone knows what Face Time is but have you heard about OoVoo? It is an app that allows you to have a family fight in person with a maximum of four people.  You heard me right.  Now the Skelly family can have our crazy fights while we are in different cities (Tyler, Houston, Breaux Bridge and Lafayette). 

Face Time is Apple’s answer to video conferencing.  You can Face Time another person from an I Phone or an I Pad.

The other day I was Face Timing with my mom and she said “too bad your sisters can’t be on the same Face Time call too.  Fast forward a few hours later and I told my daughter Allison to get off of her Face Time and come eat dinner.  I noticed that I heard several voices as she was telling her friends good bye.  Me “Who was on the Face Time?”  Allison “My friends, Allison and Natalia.”  Me “All three of you at the same time?”  Allison “Yes, but it is not Face Time.  It is an app called OoVoo. 

OoVoo is a fantastic  tool that allows more than two people to talk at the same time.  Imagine planning a trip with your closest girlfriends.  You don’t have to leave your house and four of you can discuss the details! 

Here is a comparison chart of Face Time verses OoVoo

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