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Let Us Do It! (LUDI)

Have you ever been in this predicament? You need to buy the PERFECT gift for someone special but are struggling because:                 A.  They seem to have everything.                 B.  You don’t have time to go shopping.                 C.  You want to buy something unique but are stumped.                 D.  All of the above.

If you have ever had this first world problem, we have a SOLUTION!!!

Dave (Corrin’s husband) knows that we are always looking for new products and services.  He found out that two of his Rice MBA classmates (they are married) started a company called LUDI Giftbox (Let Us Do It). We were intrigued and immediately went to check out their website ludigiftbox.com .  Here is how Ludi Giftbox describes themselves:

LUDI GiftBox was founded to make the gifting experience simple and meaningful without sacrificing the delight factor. Everyone loves getting a gift but giving a gift isn’t always the easiest. LUDI, which stands for “Let Us Do It”, is redefining the gifting process with our unique GiftBoxes that are filled with special, gift-worthy items. 

Or, for a truly personalized gift our Custom LUDI GiftBoxes are specially tailored for each person, budget and celebration. From hunting for the ideal gift to tying the bow, LUDI does all the work  and lets you take the credit. Send your LUDI GiftBox now or learn more at How it Works.

Ludi allows you to do two things:  You can have a gift “custom” ordered or you can buy already selected gift packages.  Prices start at $30.00 for preselected gift boxes and $50.00 for custom ordered boxes.

I decided to try it out and see how good this service really was.  With Christmas coming up, I wanted a box made for Brad that would reflect his personality.  There are several questions that LUDI asks you in order to figure out what type of gift would be perfect for your recipient.

 Here is what I said:

I immediately received an email stating that they would start on the order.  Four days later, I received an email stating that my gift was complete and being shipped.  I received a description of what was included in the gift and also a picture of the items.

Two days later, Brad’s package arrived.  (Total of nine days from the time the gift was ordered to the time the gift was received)

My thoughts on how Ludi preformed: I was really impressed with the items chosen for Brad.  They were fun but also sophisticated. The Mesquite BBQ Chickpea Snack is something that he would not normally pick up at the store so I can’t wait to see how it taste. 

Would I use LUDI Giftbox again?  Absolutely.  I think that there are some people in my life that are REALLY hard to shop for.  My dad has everything and finding that perfect gift for him is hard.  LUDI Giftbox is a convenience service.  It puts the task of trying to find that perfect gift on someone else.  I can see it as the perfect service for someone who is too busy to figure out that perfect gift.  I was impressed with the gift selection and I was also impressed with the packaging.  The gift arrived and was beautifully presented.  The quality of the items was top notch.  I chose the $50.00 gift box and felt that the items and value were a fair deal.  The service reminds me of stitch fix.  It is for people who don’t have time to shop for the perfect gift or don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Bonus:  (Charity)  Corrin and I think this is very cool. According to their website:  For every LUDI GiftBox purchased, 5% of the proceeds will be gifted to Doctors Without Borders to help their efforts to deliver emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters or exclusion from health care in more than 60 countries. My question to you:   Would you use this type of service?


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