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Life With Multiples

I have always said that I wanted to have twins. I love being a twin, wanted a big family, but hate being pregnant. My doctor always told me he would not help me fulfill that wish because a multiple pregnancy is high risk.

I now am glad that I had one at a time because having more than one is hard. Three is crazy. I can’t even imagine 4, 5, 6!!!

Christa had an appointment so I offered to watch Charlotte. My sweet friend Jenn just had surgery so I offered to watch her adorable daughter Madelyn. I thought, “I can do this!!!!”

Today was awesome, but it was very eye opening. First, my wonderful husband (who scheduled a vacation day weeks in advance) was a sport when I told him that no, he couldn’t chill at home because I needed his help.

Our first stop with three little ones was to drop Sophia off at her new school. We started getting lots of strange looks from people trying to figure out why we had three girls that all looked different.

Next we took the girls to HEB because tomorrow Sophia turns 5 and we needed to order her a birthday cake and buy groceries. They were so good! I think the trick was giving them warm homemade tortillas to snack on!

We quickly dropped the groceries off and then headed to McDonalds. The newer ones have the best playgrounds! I wish chick filet would follow suit.

Charlotte pulled her rubber band out of her hair so she looked like a crazy person for a few minutes until I could fix it.

They were sooo good!

We then went back to our house so that the girls could play in the playroom.

The girls got along great except Finley would throw a tantrum every time it was someone else’s turn on the horse (best baby shower gift from my friend Lora).

I ended up putting Finley in her crib a few minutes later while the other two played.

At one point Charlotte got her head stuck in the Barbie RV, but she was ok.

The play date ended at 1 when I brought Madelyn home. I just knew she would fall right asleep!

Overall the day was awesome! This is what I know. 

1. If you have triplets, you can’t do it alone when they are young.

2. You have to be organized.

3. All teenagers should have to experience this. Maybe we can start a free babysitting course where they see what having a baby is like and we get a break!


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