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Motivation Regroup

Week 4 of our weight loss challenge is in the books! We only have 71 days remaining to get to our goal weight!

So, how are we doing overall? 

The 8 of us want to lose a combined 169 pounds. Overall we are down 23.1 pounds. The ranges are 0 (back to starting weight) to 5.6 pounds. As a group we are up 4.9 pounds from last week.

The group morale is down and we all know we can do better. The one consistency is that we all agree that this challenge is the best thing we could have done because when we don’t feel like working out, more than not, we do.

We need more pep in our step to keep the momentum!

Our biggest loser so far (go Alyssa!) is very good about meal planning. Her husband has been on his own weight loss journey and has already lost 39 pounds! They are so good about their food. Here are examples of some of their healthy meals!

Remember, what you eat/drink is more important than the time you spend exercising!

Two of us bought new tennis shoes (Brooks) to keep us motivated. 

One member has been going to Jazzersize. 

We are still in this challenge and hope that next week we have very big results!

Our question for you, what motivates you when it comes to weight loss?

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