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My Dream Job

Throughout my life I have had a million job ideas. I started out wanting to major in business, but quickly switched to social studies eduction. I’m not going to lie, the summers, weekends, and holidays off only sweetened the deal. At some point I tought I wanted to be a flight attendant, but am too scared of flying.

I wanted to open a consignment shop, start a party planning business, be a school principal and a school counselor. I convinced Dave to buy me a $3000.00 embroidery machine with the promise of having a business in the summer.

By now you are probably thinking I am a flake. Out of all of these dreams, there is one in particular that is close to my heart.

I would like to open a cool art studio. A place people can come in and do Pinterest crafts. A place people can come in and creat party decorations, jewelry, cards, wreaths, etc.

This dream was inspired by two things. First, we have taken the kids to the Colorado YMCA Family camp a few times. They have the neatest building decorated to crafts galore. The second inspiration came on a boring Saturday trying to figure out how to entertain Isabella. She LOVES crafts! We’ve done the pottery painting and painting with a twist a ton of times. I wanted to find a place to craft. There is no such place out there.

My very talented friend Joanne put tighter a proposal for this type of business. It was a great plan, but unfortunately there was not much room for a profit. 

Maybe one days dream will happen. Until then I am busy being grateful for my life and blessings. Plus I am really enjoying this stay at home mom gig:)

My question for your, would you go to a place like this with your kids, girls nights, date nights?

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