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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Can you believe most of us were born in the 1900s! We have made it to 2015 and life is good. We are so blessed! Granted it’s not perfect, but we vow to live this year happily, healthily, and meaningfully. 

We have decided to share our top 5 resolutions and our husbands’ top resolutions. 

Corrin’s Top 5 Resolutions for 2015

1. Quit comparing my weight to my  twin’s weight. When I do this I will remind myself that I am bigger boned and the half inch taller I am is easily worth 10 or 20 lbs.

2. Trick my husband into traveling more by making him think that every trip is his idea.

3. Learn how to fix my girls hair in styles other than their daily pony tails.

4. Try and get myself into lots of funny situations so that when it is my turn to come up with a blog I don’t have to stress about a topic.

5. Lessen my ID channel watching and instead channel my time into coming up with more craft projects for my kids because they love doing them. Plus hopefully this will turn into more blog posts topics!

 Christa’s top five New Years resolutions for 2015

1.  Shave my underarms and legs more

2.  Talk less, listen more, gossip less, pray more… And be content with what I have instead of wanting more

3. Eat more donuts 

4. Throw all of my (and  hubby’s) underwear with holes away

5. Have more compassion for people who have a mental illness.  Try to be forgiving  when someone purposely tries to hurt you over and over even if they don’t even know you.  Ignore passive aggressive remarks that are targeted at me because the person who makes the silent jabs towards me really needs my prayers.

Brad’s New Years resolution for 2015

1. Watch more football

2. Brew my own root beer

3. Wear more T-shirts and fewer collared shirts 

4. Save water by wearing my underwear and socks twice before washing them 

5. Stop blaming my gas on the baby

Dave’s 5 Resolutions for 2015

1. Read fewer books. 

2.  Eat fewer granola bars. 

3. Stop pointing out when my wife is wrong (no good comes of it). 

4.  Try to get along with Christa. 

5. Enjoy my 3 hour commute to work more than I currently do…

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