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Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny!

Bathing suit season is fast approaching, and if you are like myself, you have not been perfect on your New Years “I will lose this weight” resolution. Don’t fret, we have a solution!

Our friend Jessica (one of our regular guest bloggers) sent some of us the following message via Facebook. “Anyone want to lose weight with me? I can’t get my butt in gear so I’m thinking I need an accountability partner! Someone to set goals with, meal plan, calorie count, and keep each other accountable for working out and sticking to the plan!”

Several of us decided we were IN!  

Here is what we did!

Step 1: Create Private Facebook Group

Our friend Alyssa created a private Facebook group called In it to Win it!! The Cypress Skinny.

Step 2:  Set perimeters/rules 

We decided that everyone would pledge $50.00 for the challenge, it would last 12 weeks, we would do our first weigh in Monday (today!) and then follow up on Friday. We will measure our neck, arms, legs, butt, bust, thigh, current weight, and say our goal weight.  For those of us who don’t want to share our starting “stats” that is ok.  We can be on the honor system and report pounds and inches lost.

Step 3:  Inspiration pictures

We posted some “skinny” past pictures of ourselves to remind us of the goal!

Step 4: Use Fitbit to Track

Most of us have Fitbits so we decided to help use the app for some of our motivation. My first Fitbit broke and when I replaced it, I bought a $15.00 protection plan at Best Buy so that in the future if it breaks down, I can get a new one, no problems.

*** I LOVE my Fitbit because I can look at my phone (the Fitbit app) and see how many steps I have taken, how many calories I have burned, how many minutes I have been active. I can connect with other friends who have Fitbits and participate in challenges! Also, designers like Tory Burch have come out with cute covers for Fitbits!

Step 5:  Support and Report!

We will use our private Facebook page to support each other and report our progress. Two of our members decided to use this challenge as an excuse to clean their closets out.

Additional Tips For Getting the Most out of a Weight Loss Accountability Group

  1. Buy some new cute workout clothes that make you feel good about yourself!

  2. Take before pictures!

  3. Cut down/out on your soft drink consumption and increase your water intake!

  4. Don’t drink during the week!

  5. Keep track of your calories

  6. Work out everyday/most days in some shape or form (walk, bike, go to the gym)

  7. Come up with rewards for small increments (5 lbs lost, 10 lbs, etc). Suggestions include treating yourself to a manicure, massage, blow out at a blow out bar, new earrings, etc. 

I read an interesting study that looked at what works for weight loss.  The study examined tow employee wellness incentive strategies among obese participants as the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

In the first group, individuals were offered $100 for each month they met or exceeded weight loss goals. In the second group, individuals were sorted into groups of five in which $500 was split among the participants who met their goals, meaning some could earn more than $100 if other members of the group didn’t meet their goals.

After six months, the SECOND group (group approach) was far more successful! Ultimately the study found that cash + peer pressure works for weight loss.

In our “mini” social experiment, we are going to see if cash ($50.00), group pressure (private Facebook page), the Fitbit, and community pressure (us blogging about our adventure) will turn into lost poundage.

There are a total of 7 of us participating in the challenge.  We want to lose a combined total of 151 pounds. I will be reporting back Saturday on how many pounds the 7 of us have lost! We will check back in every Saturday on our group’s progress!

If our group inspires you to start your own group, we would love to hear back!

Our question for you, who is ready to get this weight loss party started! 


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