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Ornaments That Tell A Story

We Skelly girls have always loved Christmas, probably because our mom and grandmother loved the holiday. Ever since I was a little girl I have remembered my mom collecting ornaments. 

I decided years ago that I loved to travel and would buy an ornament every place I went. Even if the place didn’t have ornaments, I would turn a keepsake into an ornament.  

Over the years my ornament collection has grown. Dave and I exchange ornaments every year that have a meaning. For example, when we bought our first home Dave bought me a home ornament. 

One year I bought him a penguin ornament because I watched March Of The Penguins (wonderful documentary) and loved the love story. 

I love the personalized, momentous ornaments. 

Of course our tree contains lots of Saints, Longhorns, and Rajun Cajun representation!

Love the homemade ornaments.

And the cute kid ones.

This ornament came from the Renaissance Festival (we try and go every year).

This one was made by my awesome sister-in-law Ashlee.

My in-laws decided to start giving the girls an ornament every year for their trees when they get older. The first one they gave them was a beautiful UNICEF ornament.

So, my question for everyone is, what is your favorite ornament and why?

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