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People, Lock Up Your Guns!!!!

This blog came about sadly by several events that occurred in Houston over a four day period.  Last Friday our good friend Amy texted us that a 3 year old boy had accidentally shot himself in the family home.  Sadly he died.  The three of us went back and fourth saying how sad we were and that this would make a good blog post to remind people that do have guns, that you should always lock them up.  Two days later, Amy texts us again saying “Oh my goodness, another child has just been shot!”  This time it was a 4 year old boy who was at a babysitters house.  Tragically, he too died.  

We all agreed that this definitely was an important topic to write about.  I wrote it Sunday night, prepared to publish it on Tuesday.  Imagine our HORROR when on Monday morning we were at Amy’s house having  a play date, when several ladies got news alerts that ANOTHER child had been accidentally shot in his Houston home.  This time a 5 year old boy accidentally shot his 6 year old brother! 

This post is not an anti-NRA campaign.  We both respect people’s rights to own a gun.  This is especially true for people who hunt.  However, if you are going to take on this HUGE responsibility, then you need to securely lock them up. 

How does this happen?  Sadly, all too often it is just a mistake.  Parents and babysitters don’t intentionally leave out loaded guns for children to shoot themselves.  Instead, it is often the case that parents get busy, someone (who has a legal conceal to carry gun license) accidentally leaves their purse open and it is found by a child.  

According to an article found on slate.com, “Every time a gun is used legally in self defense, there are 4 unintentional shootings that cause harm. In terms of accidental fatalities, American children younger than 15 are nine times more likely to die by a gun accident than those in the rest of the developed world. Children living in states with higher levels of firearm availability also suffer from significantly higher rates of unintentional gun deaths. Studies indicate the vast majority of these shootings involve either family or friends. These statistics indicatethat parents’ ownership of a weapon is a significant risk not only to their own children but also to their children’s friends.

What does this mean for someone like myself who doesn’t own guns?  It means that I will be very careful when my children go to other people’s houses to play.  I will make sure that if they are playing at a home where guns are owned, that the guns are properly stored.  The 4 year old that was killed by a gun was at a babysitter’s home.  

Leaving a small child around a loaded gun would be like me leaving my backdoor and pool gate open for any of my small children to walk out and drown. 

I’m not writing this to preach or judge people who have guns.  Instead,  if you do have guns, please always be mindful of curious young ones who might think they are playing with a toy if they find a gun that has accidentally been left out. If you have your gun placed somewhere that you think kids can’t every find, please remember that kids are very curious and often get into things that you would have never thought they could get into. 

Lastly, if you have a second, please take a minute to pray for all three of these families.  Their lives will forever be changed.  People are human and made mistakes, unfortunately the little ones are gone because of it. 


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