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Playrooms On a Budget

Today we are very grateful to have one of our regular guest bloggers, Jessica, blog about creating a playroom on a budget.  Jessica is one of the best moms I know because she devotes all of her energy to her cute boys, Jett and Jay.  She is always organizing fun play dates and other activities so that her boys have fun experiences.

From Jessica:

We are so lucky to have room for a playroom for our boys.  I put it all together on a budget and would love to share what I think are a few key components to having an amazing playroom!

Creative Area

I put most of the creative area together with Ikea finds.  The table was previously a cocktail table we had in our bar/poker room (before kids) that luckily transformed easily into a kids table.  You could always look around for an old table that you could cut the legs off of to transform into a kids table.  The colorful chairs are from Ikea.  The magazine rack (Ikea) was transformed into a coloring book/construction paper holder.   The bar (Ikea) holds crayons, stamps and a few playdoh tools that I don’t mind the kids playing with when I’m not around.  The piece of resistance is the shelf (Ikea) that holds all the fun art tools I don’t want the kids to be able to get into.

I organized all the markers, paint, stickers, scissors, etc. into colorful container I also found from, wait for it, YEP Ikea.  The key to having a fun art area is having every item (crayons, markers, paint, glue) washable, everything organized, and having a few things accessible for the kids to play with.  

A Place To Hide The Junk, I Mean, Organize The Toys The storage system is from Pottery Barn Kids, it’s called the Cameron Cubby & Drawer Base.  I got the colorful baskets from Land of Nod, they are called the strapping cube bin.  The fun dry erase labels are from Target.  I bought different colored baskets to keep everything bright but I also love because it helps with getting the kids involved cleaning up.  I put all the baskets on the floor and tell them “put all the cars in the red basket” or “put all the music stuff in the orange basket”.  It’s a fun game!  Also, the baskets are sturdy yet flexible enough to withstand 2 little boys.  

Play Area When it’s raining, too hot, or too cold outside (in other words any given day in Houston) having a place for the kids to let out some energy is essential.  The swing, ladder, and tunnel were purchased from Ikea.  The playset (step one) was purchased off of craigslist.  The fun carpets were purchased from Kohl’s and Sam’s.  Our favorite piece is definitely the playset.  Though they are both getting a little big for it, they still love climbing on it, hiding in it, and jumping off of it.  

Extras A colorful room always helps to set the mood for a fun time.  The room was already the dark blue.  I took the lighter blue paint (leftover from Jett’s room) and painted the stripe.  We added some magnetic paint under it to be able to hang magnets on the wall.  I also want to have a place to hang the boy’s artwork and got some inspiration from my friend Jen.  She found this cute idea on Pinterest.

Our question for you, what is your best playroom tip?

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