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Pottying Alone, What’s That?

I am so grateful to be a mom and for my three beautiful, adorable, spunky, smart girls!  I try to not complain on facebook or other avenues about my kids because I am keenly aware of many friends and family who have struggled with infertility and other kid related issues.  With that being said, I do think that most moms can relate to boundary barriers being crossed from birth until probably the teenage years.

Seriously, you know what I am talking about.  I am referring to the newborn stage when you strap your baby in a bouncy seat right in front of the shower so your precious child can stare at you and not freak out because you are in another room.  

What about sitting on the toilet with your baby in your lap? I know it seems really gross to most people, but for some of us, it is called “survival”. 

My oldest had a minor case of separation anxiety, but my sweet Sophia had it big time.  I couldn’t leave the room for the first 2 years of her life without her freaking out.  I guess I should be honored that she loved me so much, but I don’t remember being that honored while it was happening.  

This evening I decided I really wanted to take a hot bath all by myself.  I spent hours cleaning out the garage and felt like I deserved this simple reward.  I made the kids dinner and set them up with a Disney movie in the living room.  Dave was still not home and I felt like I had a few minutes to sneak away for a bath. 

I got in the bath and was just enjoying the two minutes of “me time” when my 6 year old daughter popped in. The second she saw me taking a bath she said, “I want to get in”.  She knew I wanted it to be a kidless bath so that I could make it really hot. I thought for a second, realized soon she would be too old, and said sure. 

We started talking about her day and were both relaxing when low and behold my 18 month old stumbled in the bathroom in her footie pajamas. She had already been given a bath at Christa’s house, but that didn’t matter. The second she saw Isabella and I taking a bath, her eyes widened and she tried to take her pjs off. Isabella and I started laughing when a few seconds later my 5 year old rounded the corner. She also looked at us and immediately said, ” I want to get in”. Isabella and I both chuckled because she knew that 5 minutes before all I wanted was to take a bath my myself. My alone bath went from one to four in a matter of minutes. I will never forget the different looks from each girl when they realized #1. Mom was taking a bath, and #2. That must mean they can take a bath. 

These are the moments I cherish. I will have a lifetime ahead taking scorching hot baths by myself, but know that having three giggly girls playing in bubbles will be over before I can blink.

So moms, the next time you get aggravated that your child is following you or wants to be held 24/7, just remember that soon they will be teenagers who think it is uncool to hang out with their parents. 

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