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People looking at my life from the outside would probably say it was perfect, or pretty close to. I would agree. I am so very grateful for my life. I have the best husband ever, three beautiful, healthy daughters, a brand new house, new pool, and am a stay at home mom.

What they might be surprised to hear (or maybe not if they have read some of our crazy Skelly stories) is that life is not perfect. We recently had some family drama that was very scary.

Today was a very scary day. This morning all the kids were running outside in my parent’s backyard. My brother-in-law Brad was down with the kids and the rest of the adults were on the patio watching. At one point Sophia started choking on an orange. It was scary to watch, but I was very grateful and impressed with how calm Brad was and how he handled things. He even preformed the heirmlech maneuver.  Sophia is fine and Christa and I could not help but comment this was the second Wilson to save one of my children’s life (Brad’s dad saved Isabella from drowning a few years ago).

(Tim, Isabella’s guardian angel).

Fast forward to tonight. We (Dave, Christa, Brad, mom, and dad) were all watching 22 Jump Street. My dad had a drink and was eating my mom’s awesome gumbo. All of a sudden my dad started choking. Apparently his drink went down the wrong pipe and ended up in his lungs. He started coughing, choking, trying to get it up. He even vomited a little on his own.

The problem is that my dad is a chain smoker. He has been smoking since he was 13 years old (the past 50 years). He couldn’t get it up. He couldn’t get oxygen to help him breath. It was very scary watching him try to breath. We kept saying, “should we call 911”? Brad asked if he should once again give the heirmlech.  My dad said no. He just needed oxygen to breath. Dave hit him a few times on his back hard and that seemed to help.

My dad was shaken and upset. The rest of us were shaken and upset. Apparently this is the third or forth time this has happened. My dad said he just needs to find out why this is happening. I googled what happened it is appears to me my dad has something called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulimonary Disease). It is very scary and doesn’t have a cure.

I just know that I don’t want to experience my dad going through this again. It was very scary and we thought he might die. I’m not sharing this because I want sympathy. I am writing this because blogging is therapaetuic and because I am scared that my dad’s smoking is going to cause him lots of pain.

I pray that he stops smoking and that his lungs start to heal. I think tonight was a wake up call for all of us. My dad is not that old, 64. I want him around for another 40 years. He has to stop smoking. He has tried to stop, but it is such a strong addiction.

I’m writing this hoping that if you are a smoker, you stop. Smoking is a disgusting, expensive habit that will lead to sorrow for your family if you don’t cut it out.

I’m also asking for prayers for my dad and other family members who are trying to kick this nasty habit.


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