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Signs and “Angles Among Us”

Today’s post was inspired by several things. My girls were talking about Angels in the back of the car on our way home from Austin. I have always believed in Angels and believed in signs from God. My cousin Leigh posted a very scary situation that happened where God told her what to do and she was saved. I (and Christa) believe in God and believe in Angels and signs. Before I share a few experiences I want to share the lyrics of one of my favorite Alabama songs entitled “Angels Above Us”.

I was walking home from school, on a cold winter day

Took a shortcut through the woods, and I lost my way

It was getting late and I was scared and alone

But then a kind old man, took my hand and led me home

Mama couldn’t see him, oh but he was standing there

And I knew in my heart, he was the answer to my prayers

Oh I believe there are, angels among us

Sent down to us, from somewhere up above

They come to you and me, in our darkest hours

To show us how to live, to teach us how to give

To guide us with the light of love

My cousin Leigh was driving to someone’s house when she and her kids became sandwiched between a truck pulling a trailer and concrete barrier. A voice (God) told her to watch out for this truck because she was in his blindside. The truck overcorrected and came in her lane, but for a split second the trailer disappeared. They were saved. It was a miracle.  She and her daughter both saw the trailer, then no trailer, then the trailer again.  It literally disappeared for a second.  At the same time all of this was happening,  her husband (who was driving their other kids…they have a blended family like Christa’s) had a horrible feeling. He felt like something bad was about to happen.  He started feeling for a second and thinking about not having his wife and children.  He immediately began to pray and asked God to please protect his wife and kids in the other car.  Long story short they are all ok. God is good and they are safe.

I told Christa I wanted to write about this because both she and I have had similar experiences (good and bad). I am sure most people reading this have had these experiences.

1. My cousin Leigh’s recent experience.

2. Highway 28 East

When I was in high school I was driving home on Highway 28 East. It was a two way highway. I was 15 and young and dumb. It was late at night and apparently I was driving in the wrong lane. I heard someone “God” tell me “get over to the right lane”. I didn’t understand but did it anyway. I thought, why do I need to drive on the shoulder. Long story short, I was driving head on in the wrong lane. Someone “God, an Angel” told me to move over.

3. Christa and her date

Christa was a young single mom, raising Paige. She met a guy and they went on a date. He came to pick her up and my mom shook his hand. Once she came home she told Christa, “please do not ever see that guy again. When I shook his hand I had an evil feeling go all through my body”. We both believe in signs and she never returned his calls.

***** These 2 pictures were taken the day!!!! I threw her dress away because it was too painful to remember!!!

4. Isabella and “the Pool”

Many of you know this story. We were all at Christa’s house having a fun crawfish boil. Isabella was about 2 ½ years old, maybe 3. All the cousins were supposed to be playing inside her house upstairs. There were about 6 of us 2 feet from Christa’s pool just talking and having fun. At some point God spoke to Christa’s father in law Tim and said, “Go to the pool”. Isabella was floating in the pool head down. He calmly walked and got her out of the pool. We don’t know how long she was in the pool, but we know that he saved her life.

So for anyone who doesn’t believe in signs and Angels that is ok. I choose to believe because I have seen it many times in my life. I am grateful my cousin, daughter, myself, and sister are all alive.

We are blessed and God is good!

Do you have a story you want to share? Do you believe in divine intervention?

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