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Today’s post is dedicated to a very special graduate, our sister Michelle. We are so proud that 4 1/2 years ago she decided that even though she was a single mom to three children, worked full time, struggled in high school, that she was going to better herself and earn a Bachelors Degree from a great University- University of Louisiana, Lafayette. 

I remember her riding on the same University bus as her son Morgan because when he was a high school senior he was taking classes as ULL.

Michelle has the most giving, loyal spirit, but can be feisty. I remember her telling me that there was a rude girl in one of her classes that always talked while the professor was talking. Michelle was out and about one day and saw her. She decided to confront the girl and tell her that she didn’t appreciate the girl ruining the learning experience. 

You see, she was an older student who valued the time and money she was investing in the experience.

The problem was this “girl” was dating that graduate student instructor. Needless to say Michelle did not receive an A in the class.

So to our middle sister, Michelle. We love you and are so proud of you. You have become a member of a club that many dream of joining, but often don’t have the nerve, time, or energy to belong to. Yes, some people say it is “only a piece of paper”.  However, it is a piece of paper that will open many doors that you could not get through before. Future employers will reward you with a better job not because of a piece of paper, but because they know that you had to commit yourself to countless hours working your tail off to earn that paper. If you are willing to do that, then you are probably going to be a hard working, loyal employee.

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