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Spring Break Equals Hard Weight Loss Week!

Week #3 is in the BOOKS!!!

This is how we felt. 

All 8 of us admit that was a pretty tough one.  Literally we did not want to get on the scale Friday morning!  We are at the tail end of Spring Break and most of us have been hanging out/ trying to entertain our kids all day.

Drum roll….so how did we do?????

It could be better, it could be worse!  Some of us were up and some of us were down. Christa and I were in the up camp!

We decided to put the total we are down so far after 3 weeks.

We want to lose a combined 169 pounds.  We are down a total of 28 pounds!!!! Not too shabby!!!

We are all still in it to win it!!!! Who is with us?

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