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Step Away From the Towels!

Step away from the decorative towels!  I have a love/hate relationship with decorative towels.  Mostly I love decorative towels and the look that they provide but I hate how my family can’t quite understand the concept “DECORATIVE TOWELS ARE FOR SHOW, NOT USE!  This statement is primarily directed at my dad. He is the worst. I even put ribbons and flowers around the decorative towels in the bathroom.  What does my dad do? He uses the towels.  He obviously has no problem with taking the ribbons off of the towels and using them.  My own kids also have this problem.  I buy the cute tea towels that are for show in the kitchen.  I have another rack I bought from the container store for “usable” towels.  My kids love to bake.  So what do they do?  They love to clean their hands on the decorative tea towels.  The problem with this is that you have to iron them after they are washed and who has time for that?

I have a type A personality but apparently other people feel the same way about this too!  See comments below from a mommy message board.  They feel VERY strongly about this…..

I copied my friend Carrie’s decorative towels because I thought the flower was really cute.  When I toured several model homes, I saw that most of the decorative towels had ribbons tied around them.  As I browse Pintrest, I noticed the new trend is putting tassels around the towels.  Here are some cute examples of what you can do with your towels.

So where do you fall on the towel spectrum?  A. If they are there, I’m using them  B.  If they are decorative, I will not touch them Some fun towel ideas:

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