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Such a Fun Event

Christa and I say over and over how thankful and blessed we are.  We have healthy children, wonderful friends and family, and a plethora of other blessings in our lives.

Months ago I blogged about a very nice purse I won at a charity luncheon that was put on to raise money for our favorite charity, Dec My Room.

I only told half of the truth in my blog.  I won 2 VERY NICE prizes. 

It all started when I was looking for a charity to volunteer with my 16 year old niece, Paige.  We found Dec My Room, but she was too young to meet the volunteer requirements.  Christa reminded me of this wonderful organization that decorated rooms for kids who were staying for lengthy periods of time in the hospital (most fighting for their lives). We signed up to be trained to decorate rooms and then found out about a charity luncheon they were having in downtown Houston. 

Dave and I have been blessed and he was very supportive of me and a few friends attending the lunch. When we arrived at the event we saw they were selling raffle tickets for about 8 really nice prizes.  The tickets were $50.00 a piece, which is very pricey, but I figured since this was the charity we would support, surely Dave wouldn’t mind if I bought a few raffle tickets.  

When we perused the prizes, we got all excited about the Neiman Marcus Fashion Show/ Lunch for the winner and 19 friends (valued at $2500).  We joked and said that that if any of us won the prize, we would have to invite the others.  We also joked that we didn’t have 19 friends to invite. 

Imagine my surprise when I not only won the very nice purse, but I also won the fashion show!  I felt like I was on the Price Is Right!  I also felt guilty for winning 2 out of the 8 or so prizes! 

The ironic part of me winning 2 fashion prizes is that I feel as though I am the person that knows the LEAST about fashion.  I don’t generally shop at fancy stores in the mall.  I feel the Limited and Gap can be expensive! 

Fast forward to the day of the event.  I was very fortunate that my mom flew in from Seattle and my mother-in-law and sisters came in from out of town.  We arrived on the second floor in front of the Georgio Armani section, and were were immediately met with champagne and water. Christa was grateful for the water because she has given up alcohol for quite some time. 

Once everyone arrived, we were seated at two beautifully set tables. Christa, Jessica, and I spent a couple of minutes talking about Dec My Room and what it has meant for us being involved. 

 Next, a nice lady walked around and sampled cosmetics and lotion. We were then served lunch!

While we were eating lunch, two beautiful models walked around our tables modeling cute clothes, purses, and jewelry. I will admit that at first it was somewhat awkward.  However, as the event progressed, we chatted with the girls and it was fine.

At the end of the event we were all presented with a very nice pair of Stephanie Kantis earnings (Christa is modeling them in the picture below). We were all shocked when we saw the retail price was $175.00!  

I am extremely grateful to Dec My Room and Neiman Marcus. Dec My Room is such a wonderful organization and Neiman Marcus was extremely generous by donating such a wonderful prize.  I know that we joked about not knowing 19 people to invite to the event, but honestly that was far from the truth.  There were SOO many people I would love to have included.  After inviting family and a few close friends, there weren’t any spots left.

If anyone is interested in finding out more information about Dec My Room, they have a website and Facebook page.  They are trying to start a chapter in Dallas, so if you know anyone in that area that would be interested in this wonderful charity, please email the organization. You can be involved directly through decking or indirectly through charitable giving. 


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