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Survival Swim Lessons

Today’s blog is another guest blog. We love our friends and are so blessed to have people in our lives that are super busy, but still take the time to write interesting blog entries!

Amy and her husband Scott are both from Louisiana and are LSU grads. They have a sweet daughter, Emerson, who is about to turn three. Both Amy and her sister Kim are in our freezer meal club.

Amy: Survival Swim Lessons

I was 8 months pregnant sitting in an infant baby class at the hospital, when the nurse asked the question, “how many people in this room have a pool”? We raised our hands and were wondering why on earth is she asking this question.  She then told the room that the number one death of children in Houston is drowning. Scary, but we needed to hear that as pool owners, lake goers and new parents.

We started our pool safety journey with a safety net over our pool. http://katchakid.com. As she grew and our needs changed we added 2 more lines of safety, a top latch to our door and survival swim lessons. 

I did not really know anything about survival swim and had only heard the horror stories, like they toss babies into the pool and make them flutter around. I didn’t know anyone who had done this and and it was always a friend of a friends story. I figured I better just sign up for regular swim lessons since that seems to be the most advertised and easiest to locate.

As I was trying to figure out swim lessons, I met a new friend in the neighborhood who had personally done survival swim with her son. After talking to her and getting a first hand account, I knew I had to do this. It wasn’t easy finding someone,  but I was able to find an instructor who would come to my house and do the lessons. Bonus! Melissa Stoll with Cypress Aquatics- for all my  Houston friends. The lessons were individual, 4 weeks, 4 days per week, 15 mins at a time. They were incredible! She didn’t toss my girl into the water and let her flutter around. She taught her how to swim under water, roll to her back and float. This pattern repeats until they can get to a step or the side of the pool. After 2 weeks, we had a swimmer! It was amazing. My 2 year old was swimming with no floatation device and on her own all summer. We were 100% certain she would survive if she fell into the water. I had  many friends who had been in traditional swim lessons for months, and their children were not able to swim unassisted. I almost went that route, but I am so very thankful I did not. As we were in the midst of our lessons, a friend shared a story of a mother who lost her 2 year-old son to a pool drowning accident. It was terrible reading the story and the mother’s account of everything. No one ever thinks their child will drown. 

If you have a toddler and are around water ever….. I highly encourage you to look into these lessons. The child who drowned did not have a pool at their home; they were visiting the grandparents who have a pool.

All of our friends were able to watch our swimming skills progress and are now signing up for their lessons this coming summer with Melissa.  Friends, family, relatives, were definitely skeptical and hadn’t really ever heard of this style of lessons, but they are all believers now! My husband included. 

We have got to get the word out, survival swim lessons are life saving!

Some national companies who offer survival swim:

-http://infantaquatics.com (this is the program we did)

-http://www.infantswim.com (the program our friend used)

Both are very similar.


If you would like to see Amy’s daughter Emerson’s swimming (at 2 years old) after survival lessons, click this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpvtGkNTwU8

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