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The blog title probably made you think that this was going to be a scandalous, 50 Shades type of post! Sorry to disappoint, but instead I want to share with you a book that my friend Amy told me about. It is called Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean, written by Linda Cobb.

Yesterday while we were having a play date/ freezer meal exchange, my friend Jen and I started complaining to Amy about stains we couldn’t get out. Jen had crayola stains from her toddler and I have purple nail polish on my wood floors, red marker on my white cabinets, and black marker on my touquois chairs. Amy nonchalantly said, oh, I have the BEST book that tells you how to get stains out based on the staining substance (crayon, marker, wine, etc) and the type of material of the stain (carpet, plastic, wood, etc). The book is awesome! It is short and user friendly. You can find the latest version of Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean on Amazon Prime for $11.87. I feel this would make a GREAT baby shower or house warming gift!

According to Linda, “There are 5 cleaning products you should never be without. These products include white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, club soda, and Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover (her favorite brand).”

The next time you need a housewarming gift, go buy a cute bucket and fill it with these 5 items, the book, and maybe a couple of other cute items.

Linda Cobb also has a website where she shares cleaning tips, recipes, favorite products, and other goodies.

Finally, here is a GREAT tip I found to get oil stains out of clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidently washed chapstick or other items in the washing machine. You will need: WD-40, baking soda, an old tooth brush, Dawn dishing washing soap, scrap of cardboard.

Step 1: Place scrap of cardboard between the item of clothing under the oil stains.

Step 2: Spray WD-40 on the oil stain.

Step 3: Pour baking soda over stain and brush with tooth brush.

Step 4: Scrub and scrub and scrub some more

Step 5: Pour Dawn on top of the stain and baking soda and scrub

Step 6: Finally, place in the washing machine and wash!

Our question for you, do you have any useful cleaning tips?


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