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The Cat with 10 lives

Christa’s friend Jen told her recently that her dog had to have ACL surgery that was going to cost $3000. That is a lot of money and reminded us of a cat we once owned.

Years ago Christa and I rented a two story house off of Kaliste Saloom. Paige was a toddler and Christa’s boyfriend at the time (Matt) was usually off shore. Matt was a cat person and felt a cat would be good for Paige. Unfortunaly we really weren’t “cat people” but we loved sweet Murphy anyway. Our rental house was pretty nice (expcept for the tacky organge shag 80s carpet and foil wallpaper). The biggest draw back was that the garage did not have a sensor.

One morning Christa woke the house up with her screams. She wouldn’t stop. I thought someone was dead or had broken into the house. Nope, the screams came because she discovered Murphey’s body inside the garage. The problem was that his head was on the other side of the garage door. We didn’t know what to do. Should we lift the garage up? Was he dead? Was his head going to be severed? Christa called Matt really fast and he told her to lift the garage door, gently put him in the cat crate and rush him to the nearest vet.

We put poor Murphy in the crate (yes, he was barely alive and his head was still intact). I stayed home with Paige so she could rush him to the vet. Once at the vet she was told that the only way he would survive would be to have $2000 neck surgery. What!!! Christa called our mom for advice and she said “it’s a cat, put him to sleep”. She then called her ex, who said “pay whatever is costs”. She decided to take the middle road. The vet agreed to allow Murphy to wear a neck brace that might do the trick.

Murphy, neck brace and all, was on the mend a couple months later when we found him on the floor, refusing to move. He seemed like he was in a lot of pain (not related to the neck) and we couldn’t figure out why. Christa took him back to the same vet where it was discovered he had a broken leg. Apparently Murphy got out onto the second story balcony and jumped/fell off. He would have to have a leg cast. This poor cat.

I wish I could stay this is where the story ended, but no, it keeps going…just like the energizer bunny. Picture this, a few weeks later Christa came home and found that stupid…sorry, poor cat with a neck brace, foot cast hanging in the air from the blinds swinging back and forth. Apparently he had somehow got caught in the blinds and could not get out or down.

Christa was worried swinging upside down for a long period of time had injured him further. She rushed him to the same vet and explained what happened. By this time the vet was not amused. In fact she was very rude and told Christa she was tired of all these “accidents” and hinted that she would turn her in for animal cruelty. Really!!!! First if she was going to be cruel she would not rush the cat to the vet for each shenanigan. She quickly left with Murphy (who was fine) and decided to never return to that vet. When Murphy’s cast was supposed to come off Christa found some scissors and cut it off. The cat was healed.

Once again I wish I could say this was the end of Murphy’s adventures/pet bills. On a final note, this cat decided to get into a fight with another cat. He got some kind of infection that popped and caused a large hole in his back. Because Christa couldn’t take him back to the normal vet, Matt looked in the yellow pages (remember those!) and found a Vet that would take him right away. The vet bill was $700!!! Apparently there are about 3 world renowned cat specialist and Lafayette, Louisiana has one of them. Matt inadvertently took him to the best of the best. And boy did they pay for it

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