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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music…..

Corrin and I have been bit with the travel bug. We LOVE to travel. While lots of our friends are into purses or shoes, we are into going on adventures. I would rather buy my purses at Goodwill and travel to a new place. These memories will outlive any purse or item that you can buy.

When I was married to Will’s dad, I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada for a year. I met one of my sweetest friends, Mary, there and we have stayed in touch ever since. Seven years ago, Corrin, Mary, Mary’s sister Karen (who lived in England at the time), and I all decided to do a girl’s trip to Europe. We decided on Germanyand Austria. We would fly into Munichand take the train to Austria.

When we started to plan the trip, there were a few things that were at the top of our lists, going to a German Beer House, skiing, and going on the Sound of Music Tour.

Corrin and I flew from Houstonto London. Corrin is deathly afraid of flying so her doctor prescribed her anxiety medicine just for the flights. When we landed at Heathrow, Corrin got off of the plane and sat down on the floor. Because she just knew the plane was going to crash, she took another anxiety medicine right before we landed. We ended up missing our connecting flight to Munich because she just couldn’t get herself together. We were very lucky that they had another flight a few hours later that we got on.

By the time we reached our hotel in Munich, we were exhausted. I went to the check in and the guy at the front desk asked for our reservation. I told him I didn’t bring the printed out sheet (I booked through expedia.com) and he told me “Sorry, there is nothing I can do for you.” I found my friend Mary and her sister in the hotel bar waiting for us and she informed me that she didn’t have the printed out reservation and they were nice about checking them in. She even pointed out the guy that checked them in (the same guy who told me that he couldn’t help us!”

This is when it hit me! I am American and my friend Mary is from Canada! How rude! ( This is why when Canadians travel, they cover themselves with Maple leaves) I immediately marched over and told the guy that my friend who is Canadian had no problem checking in without the printed out reservation. I told him he must be discriminating against me because I am American. He had nothing to say and had to check me in.

We settled into our hotel and decided to go to the famous beer house in Munich. It was fantastic! People were signing songs and tasting the famous German beer. We ended up going to another place to dance. Here is when the next strike against us happened. We were dancing and my friend saw that one man in the place had his jeans very low and his boxer shorts showing. My friend Mary couldn’t help herself and pulled his pants up! I guess it was the “mother” in her. This did not go over too well with the guy and his friends. He couldn’t speak English but immediately recognized us as Americans. My friend Mary did not say a word about being Canadian. They immediately began chanting something, screaming something about “dumb” Americans and we ran out of the place.

We ended up going to the Hard Rock Café in Munich and singing lots of fun songs with the Germans. At one point we were talking to a group of people, laughing, and having fun when my laugh caused me to let out the biggest…..well I guess you can imagine. There is nothing you can do but just smile. I was so mortified! I told the girls, “We have to go! Now!”

After a few days in Munich, we took the train to Innsbrook, Austria. We wanted to ski for a day and decided this would be a fun place to do it since they hosted a Winter Olympics. Innsbrook is a very cute town and I would highly recommend visiting it for a day. Mary and I had been skiing before but Corrin had never been. We decided to hire a ski instructor to take us up to the slopes and teach Corrin how to ski. The ski school sent us a super cute guy to help us for the day. I decided that if I was in Germany and Austria, I was going to completely submerge myself into the food and drinks. The food is not the easiest on your system. All of the sausage and schnitzel causes a lot of gas. While I was skiing, I fell. I decided to just lie in the snow and give my stomach a break. I was by myself. As soon as I started passing gas, this really sweet man came up next to me to help me out. I was mortified. All I wanted to do was pass gas in private. I didn’t even know what to say…..That poor guy.

After Innsbrook, we went to Salzburg, Austria. When we researched Salzburg, we thought of only one thing, The Sound of Music!!!!! My mom was actually born in Salzburg on a military base so I feel bad about saying that but we literally were obsessed with going on the Sound of Music tour. Growing up, we probably watched the movie a million times and knew all of the words to all of the songs.

We met the tour bus and were taken to different places where various scenes in the movie were filmed. We got to sing songs on the bus and really get into the spirit of the tour. This tour was AMAZING. If you ever go to Salzburg, Austria, you must go on the tour. Make sure you make your kids watch the movie several times before you go so they can be just obsessed with the tour as you are! Mary, Corrin, and I (her sister Karen had to return home) were the cheezeballs on the bus who sang the loudest. We loved every second of it! My husband loves The Sound of Music so we will definitely do the tour if we make it to Salzburg.

Next we travelled to Vienna, Austria. Viennawas just as beautiful as the other places. We visited a beautiful palace. I don’t remember Viennabeing that memorable. I am sure people reading this blog who have been there would probably disagree, but I don’t remember it being somewhere that I had to go back to.

We returned back to Munichto fly out. I remember that we stayed at hotel right by the airport. On the last night of the trip, I looked at the tickets and realized that Corrin booked our tickets flying into Heathrow and out of Gatwick. We had about a two hour layover. I started freaking out because I knew that these airports were about an hour away from each other in London. There was no way we would make it. I was so mad at Corrin for not catching this. I remember calling the guy I was dating at home and telling him how mad I was. Corrin would wait for me to hang up and call Dave, her husband to complain about me. My poor friend Mary just sat on the couch in the hotel room as we were fighting with each other. About twenty calls into the fiasco, we saw a small sign by the phone that said that each call would have a ten dollar connection fee. I had never heard of this. Corrin and I stopped to think about it and try to figure out how many times we called “our guys.” It was a lot. I think it ended up costing us over two hundred dollars for our very immature behavior. I don’t even remember what happened with the two airports.

If you ever get to Germany, defiantly check out the famous beer halls. My favorite part of the trip was the Sound of Music Tour. It was such a cool life experience. If you decide to immerse yourself in the culture, make sure you bring some Gas X. So my question is this:  Who is ready to go on a fun adventure?


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