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For those of you who know me and my family (the Skelly’s) you know that none of us are shoe or purse people. We don’t know designer names. Yes, we know Coach, Louis Vuittons, Kate Spade, etc, but we really don’t know the ins and outs. I’m not saying we hate shoes or purses, but we don’t appreciate them like the Carrie Bradshaw’s of the world.

A few of our friends have Louis Vuittons that they spend $700 on up for. We would always joke that we would never

spend that much for a purse. We are Target/Goodwill/Ross/Marshall girls. In fact, for years Christa would buy super cute purses at Goodwill and when she got tired of them she would pass them down to me.

After I had three kids I SPLURGED on a $100.00 Coach purse from the Coach outlet. It was basic and I could carry is cross ways so I wouldn’t have to carry it.

Fast forward about two years. I brought my Mom Coach purse to a fancy luncheon put on to raise money for our favorite charity Dec My Room.

They had about 6 or 8 really great prizes (fancy dinner for 10, expensive jewelry, and other expensive items). And then they had this black Ralph Lauren purse. Instead of a silent auction, you could by raffle tickets at a whopping $50.00 per ticket. That is a lot to me, but I decided to buy a few tickets because this was the charity Dave and I decided to support.

The raffle tickets were all put together so you had an equal chance to win any of the prizes. I will embarrassingly admit when the simple black purse came up I whispered to my friends that I hoped I didn’t win it. Imagine my surprise when they called my name! Of course I was excited and was just grateful to win a prize! I jumped up and down like a fool. They made such a big deal about giving me the nice bag that came with it.

Here is where it gets real. I was excited to win a nice purse. In my mind and my friends, we guessed it was a $100.00 Ralph Lauren Purse. I didn’t even use it for a few days. I finally decided to use it the day Christa and I were taking the kids to the Children’s museum. We were in the McDonalds drive through when I asked her to get my wallet out. She started unzipping pockets and found a small card.

She opened the card and we were SHOCKED!!! Ms. I don’t care about purses was the rightful owner of a $1950.00 purse!!! I immediately freaked out and made Christa take everything out. Of course I had gotten make-up on it!

I said to Christa there was NO way I was keeping a $2000.00 purse! She looked it up online and it was legit. Who knew Ralph Lauren made expensive purses. I decided that I didn’t need the purse and would sell it and donate the proceeds to Dec My Room. Remember, it costs $300 for each room to be decked out.

I put the purse away with intentions of selling it. Meanwhile I went to be trained by Dec My Room to Dec rooms. One of the first things the director said when she saw me was, “where’s the purse!!!” I of course had my old mommy purse. I told her once I realized the retail cost that there was no way I could carry it. I told her of my plan to sell it and donate the money back to the organization. She said to me, “Please don’t sell the purse. The people at Ralph Lauren were thrilled to donate the purse. Please keep the purse and share your story about Dec My Room”.

So that is what I have done. I use it sometime but don’t worry about people jumping me because if you ask anyone how much you think the purse costs they will say $50-100. I’m ok with that. 

I love the purse because of what it stands for. It reminds me of this great organization that goes into sick kids/young adult rooms to create a space that is nice for the three plus weeks they will call MD Anderson or Texas Children’s home.

For more information on this wonderful charity go to www.decmyroom.org

Our question for you- what is that most expensive prize you have ever won?

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