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Thinking Out Of The Box For Dinner!

This blog was inspired by my recent obsession with poached eggs.  This past weekend I woke up on Saturday morning and decided I wanted a poached egg for breakfast. The problem (or not so much) was that I have never cooked anything more complicated than a scrambled egg.

I am VERY happy to report that it was so easy! I youtubed “How to Cook a Poached Egg” and saw how easy it was. 

How to Cook a Poached Egg

Pour a decent amount of water into a pot.  Turn on to medium heat to boil (about 200 degrees).  Pour a tablespoon of white vinegar into the water (will hold the egg together). Place a little salt in the pot as well. Crack egg into a ramekin and then pour into boiling water for about 3 minutes. 

Making Easy “Fancy” Poached Egg Meals

Yesterday I decided I wanted to cook some kind of dinner with a poached egg.  I went onto Pinterest and found a Smoked Salmon, Avocado, and Egg Sandwich recipe.  I decided to serve it with a box of Quinoa (first time to make). My friend Alyssa (she is in the weight loss challenge with me) and her husband make these type of unique, healthy meals every night for dinner and so far she has been the biggest loser in our group.  It’s all about meal planning! 

I went to the grocery store and grabbed the ingredients I did not already have:

  1. Red Onion

  2. Smoked Atlantic Salmon

  3. Avocado

  4. Whole Grain Bread

  5. Eggs

  6. Baby Arugula

  7. Salt and Pepper

  8. White Vinegar

When I got home it was around 6:30 PM.  Everyone was hungry, but the weather was so WONDERFUL that we decided to have dinner later and go for a walk. 

By the time we got home in was pretty late (7:45 PM), but this recipe was so easy, we were eating by about 8:05 PM!

Back to the dinner!

First, cut up the onion, avocado, and salmon.  Next, make a poached egg using the above directions.  Finally, toast a piece of break and layer the one sided sandwich with arugula, red onion, avocado, salt and pepper, salmon, and finally the poached egg. Serve with quinoa or cous cous for a very delicious, healthy meal!

Overall, everyone in the family enjoyed the healthy dinner. I will definitely make this dish again and will find other dinner recipes to add poached eggs to!

My question for you, do you have a unique poached egg recipe?

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