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Too Cool For School Gadgets!

Today’s post is a guest post written by one of our sweetest friends, Anna Noack. We know Anna through our freezer meal club, Towne Lake Mommies Group, and other fun activities. Anna is a Georgia Tech Graduate who works full time and juggles being a mother of four, husband to Brett, and fun friend to all. 

I asked Anna to blog about two cool gadgets that she was telling us about. 

Need a last minute gift for someone who has everything? I have two items to recommend that I can’t live without.

The first are Nest thermostats. We replaced all three of our conventional thermostats with these. They have a small and sleek design with an LCD display and stainless steel ring. They connect via wifi so that you can control them from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

*The thermostats learn your usage and encourage you to conserve energy. 

*They also are motion activated, and try to conserve when no one is in the house.

There’s nothing better than reaching over to your phone to turn on the AC or heat when you’re already in bed and don’t want to get up to change it. It’s also great to double check your set points when you’re gone for the day or out of town. 

If you purchase one, make sure to get the second generation that operates with single or two speed air conditioning systems and has humidity sensing capability. The price is around $249/thermostat (you can purchase at Home Depot, Lowes, or online retailers). 

Nest also makes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which are great because you know when they need a replacement battery via notification, but at $99 each, I haven’t made the jump to replace them in our house since we have so many.


The next item I love is our Dropcam Pro. We only have one now, but I’d like to purchase a few more now that I know I am a big fan. These devices are also compatible with Nest thermostats and smoke detectors. These are around $199/camera (available at same retailers as Nest), and they are plug and play items that work through your wifi as well. 

The Dropcam can sit on a counter or be mounted on the wall. Since the camera is motion activated, I have mine set up to send me alerts (with live footage) each time there is motion in the room. 

*You get live color footage and sound. 

*You also have a microphone setting that you can use to talk through your phone, tablet, or computer through the camera when you are away.

I love to check in on my kids when they are home with my husband or a sitter. It also gives me peace of mind that if our house was ever broken into, I would get an alert, and I would have footage. 

My brother and sister in law use theirs to keep tabs on their dogs during the day. We don’t pay for cloud recording, but it is available at $99/year to keep a week of footage, or $299/year to keep a month of recording.


Our question to you, who is ready to make the smart gadget jump into the New Year ?

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